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Give Kim Kardashian, And Other Women, A Break For Gaining Weight During Their Pregnancies


No, I am not a fan of Kim Kardashian. I am also not a fan of people giving her crap for gaining weight during her pregnancy. Does weight gain need to be covered in high school health classes, because apparently grown men, and unfortunately too many women, don’t understand what the female body goes through during a pregnancy.

A lot of frankly gross stuff happens to you when you carry around a human for 9 months. It’s like being in your own horror movie. I personally wouldn’t know because I don’t have a child, but i’ll save that lonely ass post for another day. The most obvious thing that happens to you is that you gain weight. In your face, your neck, your ass, everywhere! But why is it that people are surprised at how big some women get, or that a woman doesn’t instantly bounce back to her pre-baby weight after giving birth?

You can a little (or a LOT) of the blame on celebrity moms that go on about how easy it was to lose their baby weight; you know, with a personal trainer and a live in chef (or by more sinister means?). You can blame blogs and websites that write headlines like “Can you believe this Supermodel gave birth only 5 weeks ago?!!!!.” But don’t blame a woman for not looking like Demi Moore on the cover of Vanity Fair throughout her entire pregnancy.


Kim and Kate Middleton are apparently due around the same time, but you wouldn’t know that because the Duchess is sporting a “cute, little bump” usually hidden under coats. While Kardashian has been seen in some outright terrible outfits, highlighting her quickly growing belly. (Granted, she may still be barfing, which oddly happens to naturally thin women sometimes.)



I can’t help but be mad at Kanye West, who has been “styling” her since they began dating, for making her wear some of these things. She’s obviously uncomfortable, and maybe it’s not just the clothes. Kim doesn’t seem to be having a cute pregnancy, like her man’s ex Amber Rose. Even though she reportedly wants to start being more private, she has to be out there for the attention because babies are money. Hell, baby bumps are money, but I doubt we’ll be seeing her posing nude on the cover of a magazine.

Not every woman is happy about the changes that happen during a pregnancy, and i’m sure we won’t be hearing her talk about the “miracle of childbirth” after that baby waltzes out. Kim Kardashian is having a “real” pregnancy, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but that’s not keeping her from working out seven days a week, according to what a source told the New York Post.

I think it’s a little sad that so many famous and non-famous women put this pressure on themselves to always be glowing and act like they don’t have to pee every hour on the hour. If Kim were as smart as some people claim she is, she would be designing a maternity clothing line so she could stop squeezing herself into designer clothes that aren’t even made for her normal size. STOP letting Kanye dress you, you’re a grown woman. You don’t have to be front row at every fashion show. Take a page from your sister’s book and just happy and pregnant.

So look Kim, I may not like you, but I’m not cool with people comparing you to a whale either. The weight and the aches and pains aren’t fun, but it’s normal and there’s always a Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig endorsement to get.

It worked for Jessica Simpson. Until…ooops! Pregnant aginnn?