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We Need To Talk About Miley Cyrus – What the GOTdamnhell Is She Wearing?

Leather Diapers Are All the Rage


So, that up there?  It looks like a leather diaper with a D-ring closure, right?  And the “shirt” that almost shows her “ninny“?  (That’s baby-talk for nipple in this house, FYI.) Let’s just say I’m puzzled by this particular look.

Here’s my deal, I don’t hate Miley’s hair at all.  In fact, if it weren’t so P!nk-ish, I’d actually love this look on her.  (I know.  I can’t believe I just said that either. I think I’m delirious, so let me be the first to announce my condition.)


Miley at this week’s VMA red carpet


To prove even further that I’ve lost my mind (for good), I think Miley looked pretty tremendous last night at the VMAs  in her sheer, black Pucci gown and Christian Louboutin $995  Lady Indiana pumps.  (First my Team KStew post yesterday, now this? Clearly, it’s election season since I’ve perfected the art of Romney-ing  flip-flopping!)

Have you noticed how the yoga classes have helped Miley with her gawd-awful posture? It’s Angelina Jolie ram-rod straight now!

Kristen Stewart DAZZLES at TIFF – ‘On The Road’ Premiere (Trailer HERE!)

KStew at TIFF 2012


I’ve been on the LEAVE KSTEW ALONE train every since her “scandal” broke several weeks (months?) ago.  I’m so OVER this 22-year old girl taking 110% of the heat from that entire shit storm, that I need to say it all over again.  So, let the dead horse-beating commence!

Everyone from Jon Stewart to well, everyone is still crying bloody tears (wait–wrong Vamps) for Robert Pattinson–and, whatever!  Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart’s Snow White… director, the 41-year old, cheating husband and father of two, Rupert Sanders is just let off the hook?  Not. By. ME.  I’m sick of hearing the slurs thrown at Kristen over this mess.  She’s 22, for Chrissake.  I’ve already been over this before but I still mean it–SANDERS is twice her age and should have known better than to prey upon his young actress.  I really hate how she’s being characterized as the evil “other woman”.  Gaaah.

Change of topic:  Kristen Stewart effing ROCKED the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of “On The Road”.  That dress.  Lord, what I wouldn’t give to have that dress.  KStew wore a floral Zuhair Murad dress and a smile, which really was fantastic on the red carpet for the premiere.  She needed to get out and look amazing–and stop moping about at home.  I’m glad she had an event to attend tonight so she didn’t have to worry about the VMAs–regardless of when they were actually filmed.

If you haven’t seen the trailer to On The Road, we’ve got it here for you.

Good on ya, Kristen.  I am officially in your corner.