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Courtney Love looks GORGEOUS at the NYC “Wall Street 2” premiere. For reals!

Courtney in a lovely red Calvin Klein sheath. (Okay. The boobs are a little, umm, over the top.)

Courtney Love and the word “flawless” rarely go hand in hand…but look at this bitch.  Courtney worked that red dress and that red carpet for the NYC Premiere of Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps. Make-up?  Flawless.  Hair?  Flawless.  Dress?  Yes–flawless.  Let’s compare, shall we?

Wait.  Hold up.   After looking for really horrible photos of Courtney (that do indeed exist), I actually found a lot of crazy-beautiful shots, which are far more interesting.

A little old-school Madonna-ish, but pretty anyway.
Courtney, looking downright DAINTY.

And one of my favorites:  Photo via Elle Magazine

LOVE this shot...

Court’s still a bit of a hot mess, but I still find her relevant, interesting and crazy-talented.  Oh, and I’m still bummed I missed seeing HOLE perform at this year’s Bumbershoot in Seattle.  Sigh…