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Lara Flynn Boyle? AGAIN–what has HAPPENED to you? (PICTURES)

Lara Flynn Boyle - 40 years old.

This is probably the 4th or 5th time I’ve written about Lara Flynn Boyle and her crazy changes in appearance.  Each and every time I see a new photo of the woman, she just looks worse and more sad.  Why??  Did all of her years hooking up with Jack Nicholson age her by osmosis? Did Jack drive her insane?  Did living in Jack’s cursed house on Mulholland Drive (hello, Roman Polanski Scandal…) just completely screw with her head and self-esteem?  SOMETHING happened.

The thing is, I’ve always rather liked Lara.  (I admit it…whenever TheTemp is on cable, I watch it.  She’s kind of a badass, but also a total NUT, in her role as Timothy Hutton’s temp secretary.  She  wants her boss all to herself, but once she’s spurned, Lara’s character, Kris Bolin lets her psychotic flag fly.  It’s a pretty good rip-off of Fatal Attraction AND it also stars Faye Dunaway!)  Take a quick look at the trailer from back in 1993.

And let’s not even talk about my beloved Twin Peaks.  This post will never end if I even start that conversation.  I will say, though, that Lara was quietly seductive, yet innocent in Twin Peaks back in the late 1980’s, but I had a MAJOR girl-crush on Sherilyn Fenn who played Audrey Horne.  Those school-girl skirts and red lips?  Yeah. I know.

Sherilyn Fenn...bloody gorgeous. STILL.
Seriously? Sherilyn was/IS my FIRST girl-crush. Still #1. Red, clearly, is her color.
And just look at Sherilyn NOW, forpitysake. Swoooon. AND? She's 45. Five years OLDER than Lara, AND she has two children.

I’m off task, as the elementary teachers say. (Short attention span, y’all.)  Too busy staring…

Here’s the thing:  Lara WAS stunning.  She didn’t NEED to become scary skinny and all puffed-up like a trout and undergo horrible plastic surgery.  Her doctor should have his/her license revoked.

LOOK at Lara before she ruined herself:

Those EYES...Lara was so lovely and mysterious. She SHOULD have stopped here.

Sure, this photo was more than likely Photoshopped–but there has to be something to work with in the first place to get a photo this gorgeous, right?  Right.

Remember this?

Lara, Sherilyn and Madchen - "Twin Peaks"

I don’t get it.  I do realize some women age better than others–HOWEVER, Lara did NOT have to go under the knife and poked by syringes like she has done.  Sadly, there is a phenomenon known as “coke bloat”.  I have no proof, nor am I accusing Lara of being a coke-head, but the symptoms are  puffiness around the face and neck from excessive use.  As ultra-thin as Lara is, I just don’t understand why her head and neck look the way they do now.  It’s creepy.  And her overall appearance is so very tragic.