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Disney Debuts New Trailer for ‘Maleficent’

maleficent woods


Last night was many things, the Grammy Awards being the main one. But screw that for right now, okay?! BECAUSE THE NEW “DREAM” TRAILER FOR DISNEY’S ‘MALEFICENT’ HAS DROPPED AND, SWEET JESUS, QUEEN ANGELINA JOLIE IS APPROPRIATELY SLAYING! I can’t even; I’m covered in so many excitement-induced goosebumps that I resemble a chicken.  This trailer is giving me SO.MUCH.LIFE. when I was only moderately interested before.

‘Maleficent’ looks like it’s going to be an absolute sumptuous feast for the eyes and Angelina in the title role is essentially the stuff of wet dreams. Eeeeeeeeeeeefiawoegnawogawg;aw. This trailer features the song “Once Upon A Dream” as covered by Lana Del Rey. I have…a back and forth relationship with Lana, I’ll admit, but no one can deny that this rendition of the classic song is a perfect fit. Both haunting and sweet, it immediately gets stuck in one’s head and is, thankfully, available for free download on Google Play.

Check out the trailer and try not to jizz!

Lana Del Rey’s 10-Minutes of Crazy – ‘Ride’

Lana – In Pursuit of Happiness and Freedom


I have a lot of odd little feelings watching Lana Del Rey’s mini opus, “Ride”.   Nothing terribly earth-shattering, more like the silly practicality of what is laid out before the viewer.

Go on, now. Watch Lana as she cavorts with bikers, takes the ho stro’ while drinking orange soda, bends over both a balcony and a pinball machine, and moan-sings with the red drapes behind her as if she’s a character in a David Lynch film…then we’ll talk.



So.  I know I shouldn’t be so GOTdamn sensible all the time. It’s a hassle, really, and makes me feel old and wet blanket-y, but I couldn’t turn OFF my internal HEY, HOW’D SHE PAY FOR THAT?” Sensible Voice during Lana’s mournful drone for “Freedom” with a capital F.



Why shouldn’t we be allowed to wander the streets without a “real job“?  Don’t you wanna just hang with some bikers for a few weeks at a sketch motel in Albuquerque? Because I do.   But how’mmuh gonna pay to get my stiletto nails did? Tire swings leave nasty black marks on your shorts and legs, you know. Wait.  My hair is flying in the breeeeze. I have no idea how it got this clean, gorgeous and curly, do you?  Look at that pretty fire. Where’s my pimp daddy?  Can I play with that gun? Am I the only one who doesn’t stink around here? Seriously. My hair has never looked more lovely.  Dancing, laughing and crying with my bikers. Aren’t we supposed to be wearing helmets? I was always an unusual girl. Am I no longer an idealistic dreamer?  Derrrp, you’re OLD now.

So when did the voice of UN-reason sound so enticing? Because it always has…we just stopped listening.  I think I should watch Ride one more time–and this time just let the images wash over me.

Thanks for letting me dream for 10 minutes, Lana.


Courtney Love to Lana Del Rey: ‘Next time you sing ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ think about my vagina’

Courtney Love Has Something to Say...

Courtney? Y’aller so nasty.  Now only stupid celebrity bloggers the  whole world will have that image in their heads when we hear Heart-Shaped Box on the Classic Vinyl station on the satellite radio.  Courtney Love took to Twitter to be a smart-ass when she got wind of Lana Del Rey covering her late-husband’s band’s song from 1993.


Lana del Rey, Smoking. Like Courtney.

via RS.com:

Last week in Sydney, Australia, Lana Del Rey gave a delicate rendition of Nirvana’s 1993 hit “Heart-Shaped Box,” stripping the track of Kurt Cobain’s grit in favor of a lighter version. Today, Courtney Love reached out to Del Rey on Twitter to give her an unsolicited rock history lesson. Though the tweets have since been deleted, Stereogum took a few screenshots before their removal.

“You do know the song is about my Vagina right? ‘Throw down your umbilical noose so i can climb right back,’ umm,” wrote Love to Del Rey. “On top of which some of the lyrics about my vagina I contributed. So umm next time you sing it, think about my vagina will you?” [SIC]

Earlier this month, Love was hit with a lawsuit from a former assistant over “despicable conduct.” It followed reports from last month revealing she had also been sued by her former lawyers over unpaid legal bills.

Imagine that?





Ack.  But why do I feel like these two are going to end up hanging out together at the Chateau Marmont?