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L.A. Reid is a douche; what else is new?


The US version of the popular talent show ‘X Factor’ hasn’t even started yet but some of the judges are causing some controversy. L.A. Reid, who is the new CEO of Epic Records, reportedly told label executives “I don’t want no ugly people working here; I only want good-looking people.

This was just as he started his job earlier this month. “Reid’s thing is keeping it sexy,” a source said. Do I even need to state the obvious?  An industry insider said,

He [Reid] considers himself an artist, which means he expects to be treated like a VIP. He’s incredibly difficult, and many people are worried about what will happen when he starts on the judging panel for ‘The X Factor.

Yikes, and judging by the few clips Fox has released, he is going to be the judge to hate when the show starts Sept. 21. Of his “ugly people” comment, a Reid source said, “There is no way he said that,” and it was “completely made up” by someone with an agenda.

"I don't get YOU or your MUSIC." - L.A. Reid to Lady Gaga

Whether he actually said it or not, please remember this was the man who famously dropped Lady Gaga from Island/Def Jam Records because he didn’t think she was good looking. He is reported to have once told her: “I don’t get you. I don’t get your music.” She was then snatched up by Cherrytree Records, and now resides at Interscope Records. Jimmy Iovine obviously saw something in her. Iovine of course joined American Idol this year as a mentor.

You might also remember Pink‘s hit song “Don’t Let Me Get Me” which featured the line, “L.A. told me, “You’ll be a pop star/All you have to change is everything you are.”

Seems like L.A. Reid hasn’t changed at all.