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Tilda Swinton Needs to STOP Pretending to be David Bowie. Now.

Knock it off, Tilda.

Photo: WMagazine

Gotdammit.  I’m crabby and this crap doesn’t help.  In my best Oprah voice: “I GET IT, PEOPLE! Tilda Swinton looks like a dude when she dresses like one!” Who DOESN’T?

There is ONLY ONE MF-ing Thin White Duke!

Jesus.  W Magazine’s stylists and photo editors really need to try something original.  And keep their grubby paws off David Bowie.

See? Mr. Bowie's unhappy about this travesty as well. He TOLD me.

Man, I’m cranky.  And OLD.

p.s.  Do you have an absolutely fear and dread that a celebrity you WORSHIP is going to die?  Yeah.  I thought so…who is yours?  I guess you know mine NOW. (Oh, FYI: It’s not Swinton, you dorks.)