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Shaun’s Music Monday– Stand By the Jams, KLF/Tammy Wynette

Everyone DANCE!!

I was in such a mood to post a country song this morning.  However, as I was trolling through my iPod’s Genius list based on some George Jones, up pops this classic featuring Ms. Tammy Wynette, the first lady of country– “Justified and Ancient (Stand By the Jams).”

Now the KLF is group very well known to me. For some reason back in 1991, I was addicted to most anything that came from the other side of the water, and the KLF (aka The Justified and Ancients of Mu Mu, and the Timelords) known for ambient-house-stadium music, with heavy use of samples and crowd noise seemed to fill a void during my late elementary self-discovery years. And anybody who is a nerd, also knows the KLF as the artists behind the theme to BBC’s “Dr. Who.”

So, for this Music Monday, this little mash up is sure to intrigue and excite. I mean, it’s TAMMY WYNETTE and a BRIT HOUSE band for Christ’s sake!!! That, and this type of collaboration is rare… I am sure Tammy had very little clue who the KLF were, but I am sure they certainly bowed before the First Lady.

“KLF! Uh-huh,uh-huh,  uh-huh!!!” (Want more? Click on THAT!)