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'Get Hard' Review - Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart

Get-Hard poster

With the returns for its opening weekend tallied up Warner Brothers can let out a big sigh of relief. The Ferrell/Hart team up brought in a respectable 34 million dollars coming in 2nd place to Dreamworks  Home at the box office. When you take into account that both actors had previously planted their movie comedy flags firmly in PG-13 territory pairing them together for a movie that effortlessly earns a hard R rating was a pretty risky endeavor, but fortunately for us it was a risk they decided to take and we reaped the rewards with a very funny movie…well mostly.


Get Hard centers on Will Ferrell’s character James King, a millionaire investment broker who is on the verge of having all his of 1% dreams come true. He’s engaged to super hottie socialite Alissa played by Alison Brie and her father Martin played by Craig T.  Nelson is the head of the investment firm he works at and tells King that all his hard work has paid off and he’s made partner. King is oblivious to the well-being or dignity of his servant staff at home or the underlings who shamelessly lick his boots at work and as a result the idea that everyone hates him is totally nonexistent.

It’s a blissful life of privileged ignorance until the FBI shows up at his engagement party and arrests him for investment fraud. Instead of taking the year in jail slap on the wrists that his father’s lawyer recommends, King being convinced of his innocence mistakenly puts his faith in a legal system that’s more than eager to crucify a member of the super-rich and is sentenced to the ten year maximum for his alleged crime. In doing so the judge gives King thirty days to get his affairs in order before he’s taken to prison.


Faced with the prospect of getting sexually violated for a decade in prison King offers to pay the manager of his office building car detaile, Darnell Lewis played by Kevin Hart to toughen him up and prepare him for prison life. Contrary to Kings profiling though, Darnell has never been to prison or even been arrested but accepts Kings offer with the thought of using the money to buy his family a home in a low crime area and expand his car detail business. And so with 30 days until King goes to jail prison school is in session.


Here’s a big shock, Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart dominate this movie. Its secondary characters have almost nothing to do but the chemistry between the leads is more than good enough to cover this up. Other than a humorous intro to Alison Brie’s character in the very beginning of the movie and T.I.’s over eager performance in the middle just about all the humor in this movie happens when either Hart or Ferrell are on screen which is a great thing considering that either one or both of them are on screen for the majority of the film.


In Get Hard Ferrell and Hart are basically pulling their performances from other characters in their previous films. Ferrell is the naïve yet talented clueless simpleton that you’ve laughed at in movies like Talladega Nights and Anchorman while Hart is the loud and overreacting sidekick you’ve seen in the likes of  Ride Along and the Think Like a Man films. And it totally works. There were no extended periods of time where I wasnt laughing at something happening or what someone said on screen which for an hour and forty minute run time is a massive accomplishment.

All that being said I will address the one glaring negative in this film. The homophobia here registers in at about a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10. Yes, this movie is about someone who does NOT want to go to prison and get raped so to think that the low hanging “Gay Panic” humor would not be here is stupid but a significant portion of the jokes in this movie center around either the fear of dicks or the emasculating consequences of encountering them.

I saw this movie on a Saturday afternoon matinee in a theater that was about three quarters full and from watching the responses of the people around me no one seemed to have a problem with it but IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE to repeated expressions of homophobia then this movie is DEFINITELY NOT FOR YOU. Setting that aside was not too difficult for me but I don’t think there is any way you could watch this movie objectively and not leave the theater noticing it. If you don’t have a problem setting that aside either then you are in for a movie that delivers almost non-stop laughs from start to finish.

Kevin Hart and Macklemore on ‘Saturday Night Live’


You had one job, ‘SNL’! Kevin Hart, a comedian, wouldn’t be hard to write for, and you had two weeks to do put this show together, so why was everything so lazy and you know, not funny? “Well this is SNL we’re talking about here, Brittani.” True, and it tends to be hit or miss but this was a huge miss and it didn’t have to be.

So Kevin’s monologue went on a bit too long. Instead of talking about how he was happy to be hosting, he went straight into a bit, much like how Louis C.K. did when he hosted. If you’re unfamiliar with his stand-up, he’s much more of a story teller comedian than “here’s the joke, there’s the punchline” type of comedian. I don’t think the audience was feeling it or knew when to laugh. Most of what makes Kevin’s stand up funny is the way he tells the jokes but it was obvious not many of them knew his style.

Here is where I would usually split things off into the good and bad sketches, but let’s just stick with the good for this one.

So Pope Benedict quit, and we need a “New Pope,” apparently. Wolf Blitzer, played by Jason Sudeikis, and CNN bring us coverage of the New Pope choosing from Vatican City where Oscar nominee Quvenzhane Wallis has won the papal election. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at Kevin playing her last night, I’m more than a little tired of her being the butt of too many stupid jokes. Here though, she’s the best pope ever, doing her strongman poses and getting piggy back rides. Puppy purses for everyone!

The “Starbucks Verismo” sketch was pre-taped, and even if it did rely on some tired ass stereotypes, it was pretty funny. Want the feeling of being in an Starbucks in your home, buy a coffee maker that gets your order wrong and talks crap about you when it thinks you’re not listening.

“The Walking Dead” was short and to the point, and perhaps non-ironically touched on a big problem with the show. The black dude shows up for a minute then gets killed. The highlight here was Nasim Pedrad as Carl, who is just a kid in all of this, but they could have done a lot more Bill Hader as Daryl. Have the writers ever watched The Walking Dead?

Another pre-taped sketch, “Z Shirt” was ridiculous enough to be funny. It’s not about the regular shirt, it’s about why it’s supposedly special. It looks like a commercial that would have been shown during NBC‘s old Saturday morning teen show lineup. Kevin spent most of the night yelling his lines, which is frankly what he’s good at, but it actually worked here. Especially when he starts going through the alphabet. “IS IT A J SHIRT?!!!”

“Recording Session” had him yelling, again, this time about Dove chocolate. Vanessa Bayer reads her lines they way they are supposed to be read, while Kevin practically screams them with some obvious ad-libs. If I heard a commercial where the voice-over talked about the “rich, smooth as hell Dove chocolate” I would run out to the store to get a bag.

Weekend Update had a lot to talk about this week but it felt sparse. There was a new “Really?!” featuring Kevin, but it fell a little flat because he couldn’t get his lines out. There was an appearance by odd couple of the year, Dennis Rodman, played by Jay Pharoah, and Kim Jung-Un, who Bobby Moynihan seemed to have a lot of fun playing. I think they bring him out too much, but I wouldn’t have minded a little Stefon here.

So Macklemore and Ryan Lewis were the musical guest, er guests. “Thrift Shop” is tearing up the charts, and dividing a nation, but I had never heard it until now and well, I wasn’t impressed. Not that I needed to be, I have pretty much already made up my mind about this guy. He’s energetic, I’ll give him that, but I’m just not here for him, even though I know a lot of my Seattle friends (*ahem) are.

Justin Timberlake will be the host and musical guest for next week’s show. So, let’s all prepare for that every person who has quit SNL in the past 8 years to show up in some capacity.

Thanks to SNL‘s Tumblr and Steph-Was-Here for screencaps.