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Jason Segal, Florence and The Machine and Muppets on SNL

The Muppets and Jason Segal are working hard to promote their new movie. Segal hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time and celebrated with a song featuring his felt friends. Kermit the Frog also showed up on Weekend Update and some of the gang appeared in the last skit.

When it’s the holidays, you can always count on a visit to the Vogelcheck residence, where mouth-kissing is always welcome. Their “son” (DREAMBOAT) Paul Rudd even stopped by for a visit.


Florence and The Machine made their second SNL appearance performing “Shake It Out” and their latest single “No Light, No Light.” Florence Welch  is receiving a bit of backlash for the video to the latter song, but I have to admit she looked stunning in that Balmain dress.

Did y’all watch last night?