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BREAKING NEWS: Michael Pitt Just Announced As Mason Verger For S2 Of ‘Hannibal’

Oh, yes.
Oh, yes.


Wow. Okay. Trying to collect my thoughts here. Two ‘Hannibal’ related posts, back to back, wasn’t the original plan! The folks at NBC though? I think we’ve already discussed their battering ram of recent affection and this news is further evidence.

You did NOT read that headline incorrectly, children. Michael Pitt (‘The Dreamers’, ‘Boardwalk Empire’) has officially been cast as MASON.FUCKING.VERGER. EVERYONE INTO THE LIFE BOATS! THIS IS MOST CERTAINLY NOT A DRILL!!!! We happen to learn of Michael’s addition fresh on the heels of similar news regarding “horror princess” Katharine Isabelle (‘Ginger Snaps’, ‘American Mary’), who’s been chosen to play Mason’s sister, Margot.




…what is going on?!