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‘Glee’ Recap, “Britney 2.0”

We didn’t need another Britney Spears tribute episode, but we got it anyways. The kids exhausted her best songs, in my opinion, for the first one which left this one just feeling like an unnecessary sequel, which it was.

Brittany faces a teen life crisis, while Rachel and Kurt adjust to living on their own in New York.

Kurt and Rachel somehow find a pretty big loft apartment, and Rachel tells Kurt about her tough dance teacher Cassie. So Cassie was a Broadway babe until she had a meltdown on stage, caught by video phone of course. Her career ended and since then she’s been giving cupcakes like Rachel a hard time.

Cassie doesn’t think that Berry has the chops, or body, to pull of sexy but Rachel is determined to show her she can play Sally Bowles if she wants to. Knowing that the glee club back home is having another Britney week, they use to help Rachel tap into her sexiness–words I never want to write again.

Bitchface times TWO. Ugh.

Her performance with Brody goes well, for him, with Cassie giving her new friend all the attention. Rachel lashes out, calling Cassie a “YouTube joke,” and she gets kicked out of class. Later, Brody stops by their apartment to drop off a flower and tell Rachel that she really enjoyed dancing with her. They almost kiss, but uh, what about Finn?

At McKinley, Brittany can’t get her voice over right, and on top of that she’s failing all her classes. That doesn’t matter much to her as she is happy to get to do her Senior year again, but Sue kicks her off the Cheerios and takes away her high pony tail. This sends Brittany into a downward spiral, eating nothing but bacon and cashews all day while watching reruns of ‘The Client List.’

Mr. Schue has her talk to Emma on a daily basis, and encourages the other kids to help her feel better by performing some Britney songs. Brittany’s life started to mirror Britney’s a bit too much, she started to shave her head at one point, and not even a pep talk with her former girlfriend Santana could cheer her up. Sam figures out whats up, and tells her she doesn’t have to continue her fake downfall because she does have a friend in him. I like how Sam is stepping up sort of play the role that Finn did his three years in the club, the shoulder to cry on. Except he’s doing a much better job.

New girl Marley learns that Jake is nothing but a player from Unique, but that doesn’t stop her form crushing hard for him. This sounds familiar. She goes out with him anyways, and he reveals that he was bullied at his old school. He even sticks up for her when the popular kids pick on Marley and her mom again.

Will reaches out to Puck, Jake’s half brother, for some advice on how to handle him. I kind of missed Puck’s mohawk, but I’m sure Mark Salling is ready to grow his damn hair back. Just like the the club helped him to calm down, a bit, he says the same thing could help Jake. So Will officially welcomes Jake into New Directions but it already seems like he doesn’t quite fit in. He’ll be even more uncomfortable being around Marley all the time, knowing her feelings for him even though he just started dating cheerleader Kitty. Seriously, haven’t we done this before?

“Hold It Against Me” sung by BrittanyKitty and the Cheerios. Spears’ big comeback single was the start of things going downhill for Pierce. Numbers featuring the cheerleaders are generally pretty good but Sue wasn’t having it. So Brittany is off the team, for now.

“Boys/Boyfriend” sung by Artie and Blaine. I love hearing Artie/Kevin sing, with Finn off in the Army he can finally have his time to shine. Okay, he didn’t really shine with this mash-up of that last of Britney’s Neptunes produced singles and Justin Bieber‘s latest, but it surprisingly wasn’t that bad.


“Womanizer” sung by UniqueTina and Marley. Unique is trying to do right by Marley and let’s her know that Jake is romancing all the ladies around school. I actually really love this Britney song and they did a good job with it. I also liked the gymnastics inspired choreography, probably a nod to the Olympics. God, I’m getting sucked in again.

“3” sung by TinaSam and Joe. This songs is about a threesome, in case you didn’t know. Again, not bad, just not all that great either.

“Crazy/(You Drive Me) Crazy” sung by Jake and Marley. Another mash-up, Jake isn’t all that into Britney, but he does know a little Aerosmith. Jake seems to take his acoustic guitar everywhere, just like Puck did, and it works when it comes to picking up chicks. Just like it did for Puck.

“Oops…I Did It Again” sung by Rachel. Trying to prove that she can be sexy, Rachel enlists her classmates and Brody for this steamy take on one of Britney’s best known songs. I think she would have done better ripping off a suit to expose a a sheer bodysuit. I mean hey, it worked for Britney.

“Gimme More” sung by Brittany and New Directions. Echoing Spear’s infamous VMA performance, Brittany gets the club into trouble by daring to lip sync and falling all over herself with, bag of Cheetos in hand.

“Everytime” sung by Marley. This weepy ballad closed the show as Marley had to let Jake and everyone know about her feelings. I hope we don’t get more of this. It’s really depressing, mmmkay?

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Glee Recap, ‘The New Rachel’


Because I hate myself, I’ve decided to commit to yet another season of ‘Glee.’ I’m a glutton for punishment, really, but the fourth season premiere wasn’t that bad. That’s how it always starts.

New season means new characters, and Glee tried to pack them in all at once. The show did a good job with the separation between Rachel in NYC and the rest of the characters still stuck at McKinley.

The remaining members of New Directions, all now Seniors, are trying to figure out which one of them is “The New Rachel” while the Old Rachel is struggling at NYADA but has made at least one new friend in a cute stranger.

It used to fun to see Rachel get knocked down a peg or two, but there wasn’t much passion behind Kate Hudson‘s , who plays dance teacher Cassandra July, bitchy taunts. Debbie Allen in ‘Fame‘ she is not. We’re also supposed to feel for her because she is clearly has “issues” and takes to drinking on the job. In the preview for the next episode, Kurt tells Rachel that she is a Broadway screw-up but ugh, who cares?

Rachel also has a sexually busy roommate and has to start her morning routine at 3 a.m., but she meets a boy by the name of Brody, played by Dean Geyer, who is obviously into her but she is still stuck on Finn who is in the army.

Back at school, New Directions gains a member in Wade aka “Unique” who came to McKinley because he thought he could be himself there. Honey, did you miss the first three seasons of this show? He has to fight with Brittany, Blaine and a very bitchy Tina for the top dog spot in the group.

Mr. Schue holds auditions for new members where they find Marley Rose (Melissa Benoist), who is all earnest and wants to fit in but is poor and stuff. Her mother, the school’s overweight lunch lady, is routinely made fun of by the popular kids but she tries her best for Marley, even sewing J. Crew tags into her Walmart shirts. She briefly bonds with Sam over this.

Also trying out is the hot but douchey Jake (Jacob Artist) who is a fantastic singer but he lets his attitude get in the way when Will doesn’t let him finish his song. Sound familiar? With Noah Puckerman out of school and doing god knows what, the group needed it’s Pouty Bad Boy and Jake can more than fill the role. We find out later that Jake is Puck’s half brother, so yeah.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Kurt isn’t quite ready to move on from his old life yet. He works at The Lima Bean, the kids’ coffee shop hangout, and decides he needs to be there for New Directions’ auditions. Blaine finally tells him that as much as he would hate to see him leave, he needs to go start his new life in New York, even though he didn’t get into NYADA. His dad agrees and sends him off where he meets Rachel who is in the middle of a breakdown in front of a fountain. All my best breakdowns have happened near water. Even though she was only in half of it, this whole episode was still about Rachel, but I do like the balance of her life in Manhattan against the goings on back in Lima. Sue is still Sue, plus a very cute baby. We probably won’t see Mercedes, Mike, Santana and Finn until a couple of episodes from now, and we may never see Quinn again, but the leftover students could carry the show on their own.

Call Me Maybe” sung by BlaineBrittanyTina and Wade. Because you knew this would happen as soon as that damn song became a hit. The four of them have a sing off to try to decide which one is the new Rachel, or lead of New Directions. Ultimately Artie picks Wade, which begs the question, if Artie is the musical genius of the group, why doesn’t he get more solos?

Americano/Dance Again” sung by Cassandra. This was a terrible and unnecessary mash-up of two not that good Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez songs. It was Cassandra’s way of trying to prove to a “smug” Rachel that she still has it. I don’t know what it is, but I don’t want to see it again. Actually, you know Hudson really isn’t that bad of a singer or dancer, she just needs better scenes to prove it in.

Sister Christian” sung by Brody. I don’t know what is up with show and boys singing in the shower…oh, right. While getting an early start on her morning routing, Rachel hears Brody singing in the shower before he introduces himself. It was an obvious throwback to when Mr. Schue heard Finn singing in the boys locker room during the first episode, but this sounded a tad bit better.

“Never Say Never” sung by Jake. This The Fray song was a perfect choice for the “rebel”, even if it didn’t get him through on the first try. I hope Jake gets to stick around though.

“New York State Of Mind” sung by Marley and Rachel. Marley uses this as her audition song, while Rachel sings it for her first performance at NYADA. It makes sense for Rachel to be singing this given her new situation, but Marley does just okay. It’s enough to get her added to New Directions.

It’s Time” sung by BlaineImagine Dragons is one of those new bands that I apparently heard about too late and still know nothing about but they made it onto Glee, so that’s something. Blaine and a gaggle of Cheerios playing cups tell Kurt that he needs to GTFO of Lima because he is becoming the better dressed Wooderson of McKinley and that is not cute.

Chasing Pavements” sung by New Directions. What would a Glee episode be without an Adele song? Things get a little better for Rachel as she finally gets a friend in NYC when Kurt joins her. After disowning the popular kids, Wade and Marley get their official welcome with slushies to the face.

Random Blonde News: One Got Married, One Got Pregnant and One Got Tweeted – Tara Reid, Hilary Duff and Kate Hudson

I just couldn’t bear to write three separate posts about these three chicks, so I’m consolidating up in here.

Hot. Messes. Photo: SPLASH

For some reason Tara Reid is still famous and people seem to care that she got married.  I’m not none of them, but whatever.  Seems the Hot Mess Poster Girl married a dude named Zack Keyayov in Greece yesterday, NOT that Danish dude she was engaged to awhile back.  Let’s all roll our eyes together while reading her announcements below:

Hilary Duff has announced that she is pregnant with her first child, one year after marrying husband, NHL player Mike Comrie.

Congrats, Hil and Mike

The only thing I think of when I hear Hilary’s name is my BFF Patrick calling me (many years ago when Hilary was supposed to be “the new Gay Icon“) and yelling, “HILARY DUFF!!” in my ear then…click.  Dial-tone.

Oh, we have one more, don’t we?  Kate Hudson’s babydaddy Matt Bellamy posted this photo on Twitter of their new baby boy, BING.

Never gets old, that one.

Fine…here’s the pic:

Guess what?  The Beckhams did it first and did it better.  Just sayin’.