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Happy Birthday, Juliette Lewis! ‘Kalifornia’ Clip Probably NSFW, Y’all

Early and Adele (Brad and Juliette) in "Kalifornia"

And the winner for Best White Trash Couple in Cinema goes to….Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt as Early Grace and Adele Corners in the 1993 film, Kalifornia!!

Juliette Lewis is 38 years old today.  Honestly, it’s a toss-up with Patricia Arquette as to which actress plays white trash the best.  I’m leaning toward Juliette, though.  Her portrayal of A-dele (as pronounced by Brad’s character, Urrrr-laaaay, as pronounced by Juliette–oh, you get the idea) was both tender and hilarious.  The “hilarity” probably comes from watching the film over 20 times, I suppose.   The shock-factor has worn off, so it’s just the nuances of the film’s characters that are left for analysis and then quoting the film in my daily life.  (That sure sounds like I’m desensitized and jaded…oh. Never mind. Remember how I consider Silence of the Lambs a Romantic Comedy now?  Same deal.)

ANYWAY.  If you haven’t seen this under-rated film I suggest you add it to your queue on Netflix.  (Do you like how I know the lingo, even though we don’t have that fancy service, y’all?)