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Jennifer Aniston and Sheryl Crow should just hook up and get it over with.

Just DO IT, already.

Oy.  Why doesn’t it surprise me that Chiniston and Lance Armstrong-gave-her-the-Cancer-Sheryl Crow are buddies?  Those two couldn’t find a decent man if their lives depended on it.  Now that I think about it, I’m shocked that Jen never hooked up with Lance. I wonder if this 3-some is like most chicks–when any two are together, they talk crap about the one who isn’t present.  It’s been that way since third grade, and it never stops.  Trust.  (Or, so I’ve heard.)

Check out these three chicks in their bikinis over the weekend in Mexico for Jen’s 51st 41st birthday.  This looks like a still photograph right out of Courteney’s show, Cougar Town, which I actually sat through last night–only because Modern Family sandwiched that trainwreck of a series–ABC, you sly foxes, you.  (Actually,  it wasn’t as bad as I expected.  Everyone else was good.  Court was just playing “Monica” as a divorcee with an 18 year old kid, who was pretty damn funny.  The KID, not Courteney. Whatev. )

Where was Dough Boy Gerard Butler?  I’m not a fan of his, either.  Oh, and Sheryl?  Nice ciggie.