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Lindsay Lohan is a hoarder now? And are those pills I see in that purse?

Linds with Niecy Nash
What have we HERE?? Oxycontin, Vicodin, Xanax, OH MY!

First of all?  Lindsay isn’t a HOARDER, she’s a FAME (W)HOARDER.  Big difference.  I’ve seen hoarders–in real life and on TV, and they tend not to have Polaroids of their thousands of pairs of shoes which are stacked in boxes.  Nor do they have retail rolling racks for the clothing.  Everything is piled everywhere.  On top of crap.  Sometimes it’s even REAL HUMAN crap. (You know you watch that particular episode of “Hoarders”…don’t deny it. Even Kathy Griffin admitted that very story of a woman in Washington State is her favorite. It’s NAST.)

So, Lindsay?  We all see the pill bottle in your enormous handbag, and I’ll betcha dollars to donuts that’s not the only one in there.  You’re not a hoarder, you’re a slob with too many shoes.