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Judas Video PREMIERE – Lady Gaga!


Watch while you can, y’all…it’s gonna be yanked any second.  (Why do I feel like like I’ve been yanked after sitting through this mess?)

Honestly, Stefani.  I expected far more from you.  We could have made this video in the Ventura High School AV Department (SHOUT OUT!) back in the day.  Take one part Janet Jackson’s “Escapade” video and part of her her brother’s “Beat It” video, cram into an old Oster blender, cross ourselves as the SCAT bus (that’s what it was called…don’t ask) drives past The Mission on our way home to The Avenue (we know who are are!), add some crows  CA CAAAAAW CA CA CA CA-ing ,  and we’re done.

These photo-grabs from the video are hilarious…

THIS one reminds me of a gross Dave Attell joke involving a dog’s peen and it being the reddest-red in the Crayola Crayon box.  (Look it UP, Donna, if you want to fully understand.) Or don’t.  Because I pretty much just ruined the punch-line.


Lady Gaga Performs “JUDAS” on Ellen – Wearing Pants! VIDEO

Ellen and Gaga - Bad Asses!

Lady Gaga. Is. Wearing. PANTS, you guys. Onstage. Didn’t she once say she’d never wear pants? That’s what I love about her. To quote Adele, “…just ’cause I said it; don’t mean that I meant it.” (I know, Adele probably was referring to something a bit more important than wearing pants vs. NOT wearing pants in her lyric, but whatEVER.)

Just watch.

Gaga sat down to chat with Ellen as well…

Viva la Gaga!