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‘Looper’ Review By David E. – A Dude’s Eye View


Time travel is one of those things that if done correctly can really make for a great movie and “Looper” is one of them.

The year is 2044, and America has deteriorated to the point where organized crime appears to be the only true functioning authority. In the year 2074, the Mob harnesses the newly discovered use of time travel to dispose of people they want dead. How? By capturing them then sending them back in time to be executed by Loopers. Why? Because in the future of 2074 people are implanted with location chip technology making it impossible to dispose of someone without the legitimate authorities knowing about it.

Loopers kill their targets in a time period that the ability to track people does not yet exist (2044). Loopers are paid in silver bars that are strapped to their targets backs that they claim after they kill them. If a Looper finds gold on his target however that means that the target (the person he just executed) was his future self, the Looper 30 years later...still with me??

I know right?  Fortunately, the movie gives you a very clear visual explanation of this. Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a Looper, and after having executed countless targets one day finds himself with the task of having to execute his future self (Bruce Willis), which the Loopers refer to as “closing the loop“.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the make-up chair for “Looper”

First off, whatever they did the JGL to make him look more like Bruce Willis didn’t work for me. I mean it’s a minor thing against the backdrop of an awesome story with plenty of great visuals, but I’m left wondering if it was practical effects like make up and prosthetics, or if his face was digitally altered in post production–or a bit of both. Which ever it was it left JGL’s face looking unnatural and for the first 20 minutes, I found it distracting. Once that feeling passed and I got used to it, I was fine.( I’ve read nuggets on the web about how JGL studied Willis’s mannerisms and voice so that he could best portray a younger version of him, and to his credit, it paid off.) I’m not sure whether or not that was at all necessary though since there’s only one real scene where they are together face to face. Willis and JGL and great here, JGL showing that he has the range to be a dramatic actor as well as an action star and Willis continues to give us the aged veteran badass we all know and love.

But Pierce Gagnon is the pleasant stand out in this movie to me. Pierce plays the role of Cid, a little boy in 2044 who turns out to be someone very important in 2074 and as a result of which turns out to be the center of this movie’s plot. This little boy was creepy. And I won’t spoil anything by going any further than that.

Emily Blunt who plays Cid’s mom Sara does a good job here as well but when the story focuses on her, Cid and Joe, the movie stops being the pure action thriller that I thought I was getting and evolves into something more. I can see though how for some this would be disappointing because the movie moves at a very fast pace and then almost stops on a dime then slows down once Sara and Cid are introduced, but I think the movie does a good job of balancing out the drama and action for the rest of the way.

Again I have no desire to spoil the movie for you so I’ll just say that “Looper” is very good. The downshift in the movie’s pace midway might sour some who wanted a pure sci-fi action piece but the performances and visuals Ryan Johnson has put together on this film certainly justify it. Go see this movie and get your mind BLOWN.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt on ‘Saturday Night Live’


Photo/Videso: NBC

Brttani’s Disclaimer:  I don’t like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I just don’t; nothing personal.

Now that we have that out of the way, SNL followed up a so-so season opener with a very weird second episode. I think the new kids are settling in just fine, but the writers seem to still be on Summer vacation.

There was a pretty funny cold open with Nasim Pedrad and Jay Pharoah as the hosts of ‘Live! with Kelly & Michael.’ Jay’s impression of Michael Strahan was pretty on point. He’s a fun loving guy, but do we really believe that his favorite band is Train?

This is JGL’s second time as host.   I had expected more song and dance from him, and he delivered this time paying homage to his friend Channing Tatum‘s role in ‘Magic Mike.’ I know a lot of ladies loved his monologue stripping but I was so turned off by this. Maybe that was the point. Also Channy already did this during his monologue when he hosted back in February.

Best Sketches

“The Undecided Voter” featured various members of the cast, and one cute Asian guy who should be in the cast, speaking as undecided voters during this year’s election. “What is oil?” “Who is the President right now, is he or she running?” It was the completely dead serious way they were asking the questions that made me hope there weren’t actually people out there like this.

Tres Equis” were two parodies of the those Dos Equis commercials featuring some old dude referred to “The Most Interesting Man In The World.” Since his son couldn’t quite live up to his dad’s reputation,  sleeping with prostitutes and just barely being able to pop wheelies on his scooter were his forte.  He also drank knock-off beer called Tres Equis. These gave me some appreciated giggles.

G.O.B. Tampos” A pre-produced sketch that probably would have starred Kristen Wiig if she was still on the show. Instead, Vanessa Bayer plays a woman who is okay with 60-year old Republican white guys telling her what to do with her body, with tampons.

Four Guys In London” I don’t think it would surprise you to know that I tend to enjoy the Four Guys sketches. They usually feature the host and three of the guys from the cast, hanging out somewhere listening to an old song and talking about all of the sick things they’ve done. The best one was from Paul Rudd‘s stint as host called “Garden Party Road Trip,” check it out! This one had the boys gathering in London for a wedding, musical guest Mumford & Sons played a Beatles cover band playing “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away” that ends with the band and cast dancing off into the audience.

Weekend Update

The second WU of the week, it was also on during primetime on Thursday, was really good. Seth introduced a new segment called “What Are You Doing?” aimed at President Obama for not just riding the wave while Mittens Romney and his campaign continues to implode.

Proving herself to be quite serviceable, Kate McKinnon made her first, televised, appearance as Ann Romney lamenting the fact that the Dems get all the cool celebs to hang out with, like Beyonce.  I look forward to seeing Ann sing more of her songs throughout the rest of the season. “Me and my boo and my boo boo riding!”

Worst Sketches

Okay.  “The Finer Things” really wasn’t the worst of the night, but it went on a bit too long and I didn’t need to hear JGL’s blaccent. Jay Pharoah and Kenan Thompson were good though as two rappers who probably know more about high fashion than Anna Wintour.

Doesn’t it feel like we aren’t seeing that much of Fred Armisen, even though we’re only the second episode into this season. He made an appearance during WU, but here he played a dad who sets his homely and weird daughter, played by JGL, up with one of his co-workers. None of the songs during this were all that good, they could have included one of the Mumfords somewhere. I also feel like Wiig would have been great for this. Armisen isn’t really gelling with any of the other female performers just yet. Although, that might be a good thing…

Okay, so maybe this episode was better than I am willing to give it credit for. It was actually pretty consistent.  We have high hopes for the October 6 show which will be hosted by Daniel Craig with musical guest Muse. I know Diva Julia is looking forward to it too!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt to play “The Riddler” in Chris Nolan’s “Dark Knight” Sequel?

Well? What do you think?

This totally falls into the category of “just tellin’ ya what I heard”, but it sounds like Joseph Gordon-Levitt just may be The Chosen One to step into The Riddler’s green suit.

via firstshowing.net:

“…from a reliable inside source with a studio casting grid that The Riddler is listed as a character for Chris Nolan’s highly anticipated to the sequel to The Dark Knight, which is still called Batman 3 at Warner Bros. Even more interesting, the actor currently listed in the same grid to play the assumed villain is none other than Joseph Gordon-Levitt, whose status is just listed as “interested.”

I trust that Chris Nolan will give us a fantastic new Batman film.  I really do.  I’m just one of those nuts who WORSHIPS  Heath Ledger’s masterful performance as The Joker in The Dark Knight, is all.  I will seriously watch that movie every single time I come across it on cable.

One of my favorite scenes (I may have mentioned this before, I don’t remember) is when Heath, as The Joker, hangs his head out of the cop car window…there is no musical score, just kind of a strange static noise, with his face up to the sky, almost meditating.  I truly can blab ad nauseum about Heath’s performance–which in fact, felt incredibly UN-PERFORMANCE-like.  It was as if The Joker was living amongst us…or inside of us, to be more precise.  (See?  I’ll go all philosophical on your ass about The Joker…not even kidding.)

Perfect scene...

Hey, and guess what else?  Even if Heath Ledger had not tragically died prior to The Dark Knight‘s release, I’d still be feeling a bit protective of the franchise.  I’m not the biggest fan-girl, but I AM a huge Batman girl.  I just need to read more about director Chris Nolan’s vision for the new film.

First, I do need to see Inception which also stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

All that said, there will never be another comic book character like Heath Ledger’s, Joker.