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Johnny Depp to Reprise ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Role for ‘Family Guy’

Johnny to Play Edward Again...

Image Credit: Fox; Firooz Zahedi/Fox

One never knows what Johnny Depp will do next, does one?  Seems he and “Family Guy” creator,  Seth MacFarlane are working together by bringing the Tim Burton-created character Edward Scissorhands on to the small screen.

via EW.com

“In a brief cameo, Depp voices Edward in one of the show’s cutaway gags. It did take a second for the actor — who watches the show with his kids — to get back into that vulnerable character from two decades ago, though. “When he was in the booth, he said that he felt like he hadn’t done that voice since he did it in front of the camera,” notes Family Guy executive producer Mark Hentemann.

“He was able to snap right back into Edward Scissorhands once we pulled up a clip from the movie.” Adds Hentemann: “He was amazing — and demonstrated extraordinary patience with all the fawning women in our office who swarmed him.”

Excuse me while I give a slow-clap to Johnny for remembering Edward’s speech cadence and tolerance with a bunch of slobbering chicks in an office.  That’s “so extraordinary“, isn’t it?

Full. Body. Eyeroll.

Amber Heard Dumps Girlfriend For Johnny Depp?

Johnny and Amber


Actress Amber Heard has reportedly dumped her longtime girlfriend, photographer Tasya van Ree, for her ‘Rum Diaries‘ co-star Johnny Depp. Heard and Van Ree had been dating since 2008, but she has been getting closer to Depp over the past couple of months. Depp recently split from his partner of 14 years Vanessa Paradis.

Amber and Tasya


There were also rumors that Depp was getting involved with ‘Dark Shadows‘ co-star Eva Green. Good grief. All parties in this are moving on, and E! News is reporting that Johnny is wooing Amber with a horse. A horse? Not even a unicorn?