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‘Go On’ Recap!

“GO ON” — Season: Pilot — Pictured: (l-r) Allison Miller as Carrie, Khary Payton as Don, Suzy Nakamura as Yolanda, Matthew Perry as Ryan, Laura Benanti as Lauren, Julie White as Anne

Photo: NBC

This week Ryan (Matthew Perry) finds himself making emotional progress and opening up more to his support group only be embarrassed by them in public and deny their existence in front of his co-workers. Steven worries that he hasn’t been there enough for Ryan to help him grieve so he goes on the offensive to show Ryan how much of a best friend he can be and when Ryan finally gets up the nerve to tell his landscaper that his wife has passed (almost 2 months after the fact )his response to the news is to create a memorial in Ryan’s back yard.

This week was much more Ryan-centric to me which is probably why I found myself laughing more than last week. The secondary story of Steven feeling insecure about how little he’s talking to Ryan about his loss seemed like it was forced. and more like a chance for John Cho to have some lines. I would rather have seen those lines go to Carrie but I guess after she was a part of the main story last week that would have been too much?

The group-bonding in the bowling alley toward the end was a nice touch and funny, but wrapping it all together at Ryan’s house around a very gaudy fountain memorial in his back yard at 1:23 in the morning, felt like a bit of a reach but the episode does earn it.

Overall good!! Certainly better than last week–which is really all you can ask from a new show right?