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Happy Birthday, Jody Watley!


Jody Watley is 52 years old today, and I tell ya what, she still looks GOOOOD.

So I’m rootin’ ’round the YouTube for a good video of Jody’s to post and naturally found Real Love from 1989.  (I was BIG and pregnant with the one who didn’t wanna come out–three weeks late and still had to be induced), but I still wanted to dance in the living room to this song! (And Bust A Move…guilty pleasure then, guilty pleasure NOW.)

Great video still, right?  So, as I watched this I was all, “Hey. I recognize those shadows…the great film quality, the cut-aways, the pace of the video, blah blah blah”.  I knew who directed this hot piece of 80’s-ness…DAVID FINCHER.  That’s right.  THE FILM DIRECTOR, David Fincher.  Fight Club, Se7en and The Social Network?? Heard of any of those films?

If only I used this pea-brain to store more than entertainment trivia, I just might have amounted to something.