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Meet American Idols’ Top 13 Contestants

"So, check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out, check it out."--Randy Jackson

American Idol  made us sit through two hours of programming to find out which singers would make it to the Top 13.  Most of it was Jimmy Iovine, whom I did not miss seeing on my TV, babbling about things that have absolutely nothing to do with the contestants. I think he also made some life long enemy in Heejun. But let’s get to the show.

The guys were up first again. Chase, Phillip and Jeremy were called down first. Iovine wasn’t a fan of Jeremy at all.  He didn’t care how nice of a guy he is, he just didn’t think he belonged in the competition. He did like Phillip though, who he thinks belongs on the show because of his originality. America agreed and Phillip was the first to sit down. The first girls up were Jessica, Hollie and Brielle. Jimmy said that he would sign Jessica on the spot, but went off on some weird tangent about how he doesn’t know anyone with the last name Von Hugel in Jersey or wherever Brielle is from. Basically, he didn’t like her because of her last name. Jessica and Hollie get their spots in the Top 13.

Next came Joshua, Heejun and Adam. Jimmy thought we’d be seeing a “Sister Act 3” type performance from him every week. I know what he meant, but he shouldn’t have said it because it’s stupid. He also doesn’t like Heejun because he thinks he’s too much of a comedian. Hee’s voice is good enough, but his personality needs to be in the competition just for the delicious shade he’ll throw each week. When he and Josh make it through it’s clear that the other singers were pulling for them too. Iovine was pretty impressed with Skyler, as was America. He wasn’t feeling Baylie and Chelsea, but he did like Shannon, whom I agree needs a serious makeover. Personally Shannon is too plain, vanilla yogurt for me, but I’m sure she’ll do okay in the competition.

"Jimmy doesn't LIKE Reed!"

At this point I’m convinced that Jimmy Iovine refers to himself in the third person, like that guy on Seinfeld that Elaine liked. [Editor’s Note: Cut to DivaJulia doing a spit-take as she reads the Seinfeld referencesthey get her every time. Solid GOLD.]  Or even the Jimmy character from Dream Girls. Sigh, so he thought Reed was “too kitchsy” and didn’t care too much for Aaron and Creighton either and not so surprisingly none of them make the cut. Elise, Erika, Jen and Haley were up next.  The only one of them I was rooting for made it, so congrats EliseJimmy called Jen and Haley Adele-wannabes, for Jen that was especially true. The last four to hear their fates were Deandre and his mane, Eben, Colton and Jermaine. Colton, and Jermaine who was brought back by the judges make it through.

I was a little worried that we weren’t going to see Deandre’s luscious curls again, this was his second year trying out, but luckily the judges choose him, along with Jen, Jeremy, Brielle (ugh) and Erika as wild card singers. Brielle pretty much seals her fate by choosing Adele, and singing it terribly. Steven seemed to be kicking himself, because let’s be real here, she was his choice. Deandre sings “Georgia On My Mind” and secures his spot in the Top 13. Erika knocked it out of the park with Lady Gaga‘s “Edge of Glory.” An interesting choice, and it worked.

Joining them was Jeremy who dropped to his knees when he heard his named called. I love that some of the boys cried harder than the girls, but sadly no makeup tears.

So next week will be the start of the competition. The guys will be singing songs by Stevie Wonder, the girls will sing Whitney Houston songs and they will be mentored by Mary J. Blige. I’m not sure what to make of this. It’s an obvious half-assed attempt at some sort of tribute to the late Houston, but I’m sure it won’t end well, which always makes for some fun.

Until next week!