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Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony SPLIT. Big Fat Surprise.


"He MADE me put my arm around him. God, I hate him. You'll see."

Let me say it one more time:  BIG FAT SURPRISE.

I know that I TOTALLY ragged on a sister this morning, but y’all KNOW I was just teasin’. Okay, I wasn’t and everyone knows Jenny From the Hugh Jass (what?) was totally tryna get up on William right in front Kate’s back, but now we know why.

But we’ve ALWAYS known, haven’t we?? Let’s take a stroll down Memory Lane, shall we?  Oh HI, December 2008 Dipped in Cream!

Model Jenny Shimizu

My BFF Patrick has a GREAT idea. JLo needs to get with a hot woman.  Maybe someone like my favorite lesbian (and I’m dead serious) Jenny Shimuzu? Daaang.  That would be incredible. Oh, and hey.  Take a good hard look at the tattoo on Jenny’s arm.  Look familiar?  Jenny and Angelina Jolie used to be a couple…those were the days.

Bottom line?  I think Marc Anthony is a misogynistic a-hole who couldn’t stand being in his wife’s shadow.  Oh, and the possibility of the release of a  very tame sex-tape with Jen’s first husband probably didn’t help.  I always felt he was a controlling little jerk with a  Napoleon ComplexSkeletor cheated on his wife (and mother of his other kids) with Jennifer, and rumor has it he was at it again.

Thanks, Terri for texting me about this while I was gettin’ my eyebrows waxed.