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Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Vulgar Rant Aimed At Comedy Writer Jenny Johnson

Breezy–always a kind word for the ladies, right Jenny?

Photo: GettyImages/Twitter/Huffpo

Here we go.  Another Twitter War.  ‘Tis the Season, after all, my babies.  Thankfully, I follow Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and we were privy to the bitchery via JJ’s timeline:  Let’s read through the fancy words together as a class, shall we?  As is the protocol when reading a Twitter War, one must scroll DOWN to the BEGINNING…and READ UP.  Okay. Go.


Chris Brown’s tender, heartfelt words never fail to cause a single tear to fall down my cheek.

Honestly.  He’ll be back to further inform Team Breezy how misunderstood he is. Uh huh.  He will.

Bless his heart.