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Barbara Walters’s ‘Most Fascinating’ List Feels Familiar And Boring



Barbara Walters will be doing her last end of the year special for ABC this year, and you’d think she would want to go out with a bang. For the 2013 edition of ‘Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of the Year,’she went for boring and annoying instead.


Miley Cyrus is on the list, because, ugh, as is Jennifer Lawrence, because I guess we’re stuck with her until some other white girl is forced upon us. Then there’s the cast of A&E‘s ‘Duck Dynasty,’ ABC News‘ own Robin Roberts and NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. If you’ve been paying attention to any of Kanye West‘s nonsensical rants of late (Ed. Note: Of always?), you remember he said that he thinks his daughter North deserves to be thought of as royalty, or some mess like that. So he’ll be happy that he and his fiancee Kim Kardashian were included with Prince George of Cambridge, whose uncle Harry was featured on the list last year.

Walters will reveal her pick for the most fascinating person of the year during the 90 minute special which will air on December 18 at 9:30 p.m. ET on ABC. Who do you think it will be this year? Maybe she’ll pull a Time magazine and tell the world it’s us.

Jennifer Lawrence Discusses Crapping Her Pants And ‘The Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ With David Letterman



This. Girl. This hilarious, blabber-mouth-without-a filter-girl. Here’s the thing, Jennifer Lawrence is probably the ONE actress who men want as their WIFE, because she’s more than girlfriend or toss-piece material, and women want to BE or have as their BFF, right?  (I do need to squeeze in a shout-out to my daughter-in-law, Dayna–because I kept hearing her during this solid-gold interview with Dave.  Not many people in my life make me CRY-LAUGH…Day-Day does.)

Okay. Get yourself some popcorn or a bowl of L’il Smokies and barbeque sauce and get ready to belly laugh (and maybe crap your pants):

via CBS/VanityFair

Are you as DEAD as I am? I need to watch this on a gotdamn loop. Also? Anyone who tells the world she craps her pants is THE BEST. (Not that I’d personally know anything about having that particular sitch.  I totally do. Shut up.)

Oh, and say, for you people who are interested in The Hunger Games: What’s For Supper?the film opens tomorrow and here’s the trailer you’re already seen 8000 times.

Me, personally? I’m excited about Jennifer’s OTHER new film, American Hustle.  Watch THIS and tell me she’s not the best thing EVUH. (Again, very Dayna-ish…choke-cry-laughs abound.)


See how great that looks? And I’m stealing that line: “Thank God fuh me.

‘Saturday Night Live’ With Jennifer Lawrence


I can’t say I was surprised at how disappointed I was with last night’s SNL. I’m not a fan of current “Don’t Call Me An It-Girl” It-Girl, Jennifer Lawrence, and I still don’t get the hype about musical guest The Lumineers. They’re one of those bands I’ll keep hearing about until another happening band comes along.

What I did expect where better takes on the two top news stories of the past week, Lance Armstrong‘s revealing interview with Oprah, and promising football player Manti Te’o being exposed as the biggest dummy in the world. The cold open featured Jason Sudeikis as a skeevy and still not that apologetic Armstrong talking to Piers Morgan played by Taran KillamBobby Moynihan takes on Te’o, but the best part of this was Kate McKinnon as Jodie Foster, not quite admitting that she is a lesbian.


Thankfully, Lawrence didn’t sing in her monologue, but she did talk about the Golden Globes where her favorite person to meet was the always stonefaced Tommy Lee Jones, played by an excellent Bill Hader. She also took the chance to roast her fellow Oscar nominees.


Calling these the best is a stretch, but they weren’t the worst of the night. “Girlfriend Talk Show” works because of Aidy Bryant‘s self-esteemed challenged  character who always gets pissed that her BFF played by Cecily Strong brings another girl onto their show. Here is was Lawrence as some wannabe edgy punk rocker, and here is where I learned that Jennifer barely has range, and this bugged me for the rest of the night. All her characters sounded the same!

“More Hobbit” The jokes are in the titles of the ‘Hobbit’ sequels, like “Hobbits Back N The Hood” and “Sauron: Dead and Loving It.” Then for some odd reason during the Ikea joke, the video messed up. I thought this was a part of the sketch, i’m sure others did too, as if it was a dvd skipping.

“B-108 Morning Show” The loudest morning show ever, and their quiet news reporter. I think this was the only sketch Lawrence was really funny in, missing the last word in her raps but gawd, this girl can’t even put on a good hip-hop accent. Is there such a thing as a “hip-hop accent?”


WU felt a bit short and weak this week. Seth Meyers only had on one guest, the always confused Anthony Crispino and his secondhand news. Bobby tries to deliver the jokes the best he can, a couple land smoothly, but it seems as if he and Seth knew maybe the writers didn’t work all that hard them.


At the start of “50’s Diner” I thought, haven’t they done this before? Then I realized I was thinking of a ‘Mad TV’ sketch. This one had a couple of customers extra excited about visiting a theme diner where the employees insult the customers. Jennifer’s character goes a bit too real, telling them that they’re garbage and insinuating the woman is a slut. I just didn’t see where this had any potential to be funny.

I get what the show was trying to do with “Danielle: A Free European Woman.” It was a parody of all those softcore ‘Emanuelle’ movies that featured a sexually adventurous woman traveling the world. Or at least I think that’s what they were trying to do. It if it was, the audience sure didn’t get it.

Shout out to Mario Barktali!!  The orange Crocs on his paws!

Adam Levine will be hosting next week, because I guess Justin Timberlake wasn’t available. There are photos of him shooting with The Lonely Island so we can always look forward to that. Kendrick Lamar will be his musical guest so I hope it’ll be a great show.

Thanks to SNL‘s Official Tumblr and Steph-Was-Here for screencaps.