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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux Engaged

“What do you MEAN they didn’t get married this weekend??” – J.Aniston


In what isn’t Spice Girls news, Jennifer Aniston just got engaged to boyfriend Justin Theroux on Friday. “Justin Theroux had an amazing birthday on Friday, receiving an extraordinary gift when his girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston, accepted his proposal of marriage,” his rep told People.

Aniston, 43, and Theroux, 41, met while shooting their gawd-awful film Wanderlust and have been together for about a year. We know Jennifer used to be married to that dude from ‘Fight Club but this will be Justin’s first marriage.

Let’s all prepare ourselves for the unnecessary engagement ring comparisons betweenJennifer’s

“He went to Jared…”

and Angie’s:

“He went to Robert Procop…”


Full List Of MTV Movie Award Winners And Johnny Depp Performs With The Black Keys

Johnny and the Black Keys


A number of golden popcorns were handed out at Movie Awards, hosted this year by Russell Brand. Not much happened, the Miss USA pageant was more exciting, but the show was highlighted with a performance by The Black Keys featuring Johnny Depp. Depp was given the “Generation Award,” which is apparently a thing now, by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith. I guess Keith Richards wasn’t available.


Aniston wins "Biggest DIRTBAG" Award

Oh, and Aniston pretended to be “surprised” at her win for “Best On-Screen Dirtbag”.  As IF she would’ve attended had she not already known she was being given such a prestigious award.  Come ON.  (You know how human beings’ noses and ears continue to grow with age? I think Aniston’s chin is getting bigger–and it’s NOT just in this photo!)

Anyway, here are the winners!


Movie of the Year
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 

Best Male Performance
Josh Hutcherson, The Hunger Games

Best Female Performance
Jennifer Lawrence, The Hunger Games

Breakthrough Performance
Shailene Woodley, The Descendants 

Best Cast
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

Best Kiss
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 

Best Fight
Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson vs. Alexander Ludwig, The Hunger Games

Best On-Screen Dirtbag
Jennifer Aniston, Horrible Bosses

Best On-Screen Transformation
Elizabeth Banks, The Hunger Games

Best Music
“Party Rock Anthem,” LMFAO (21 Jump Street)

Jennifer Aniston Voted Hottest Woman Of All Time

"Of ALL TIME"? No.

Yes, as Kanye would say it, “OF ALL TIME!” Who made this decision? The guys over at Men’s Health put out a list of the 100 Hottest Women of All Time and 42-year-old Jennifer Aniston topped the list. While I can applaud them for making an unconventional choice, of all time? Really?

Ms. Raquel Welch, ladies and gentlemen.

She ranks above Raquel Welch who was #2, Marilyn Monroe who was #3 and Britney Spears and Jen’s “rival” Angelina Jolie round out the Top 5.

 “Funny is sexy, and Jennifer Aniston is funny,” explains the site of Aniston’s coup. “Her down-to-earth persona makes her seem attainable. . . And her all-too-human love life off screen inspires sympathy that not even a string of bland romantic comedies can diminish. Other sex symbols drift toward one-dimensionality, becoming flat icons in the process, but throughout her career Aniston has remained sexy, funny, and unmistakably real.”

Aniston spoke out about the honor and talked about her picks for sexiest women,

“It’s a tie between Bridgitte Bardot and Gloria Steinem. But if I had to choose one, I’d say Gloria because, well, she’s the full package. That’s sexy.”

Oh, shut up, Jen.

Dame Elizabeth

Other women on the list include, Tina Turner all the way back at #99 (I can’t), Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks at #87, just above Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor at #69, the woman who has almost had as many marriages as her, Jennifer Lopez at #60 and Beyonce at #33.

Tina MF-ing TURNER!

You can check out the rest of this possibly randomly put together list here.

Jennifer Aniston???