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Glee Recap, ‘Heart’ – Amber Riley’s ‘I Will Always Love You’ (Video)

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The thing I most look forward to when it comes to Valentine’s Day is that all the candy will be more than 50% off the day after. The kids on Glee certainly had a better one than I did. Sugar threw a party, Kurt got a secret admirer and Finchel played house, or bedroom rather.

Everything sort of centers around Sugar’s V-Day party where she demands that no one come alone, even though she herself is single. This means musical warfare for Artie and Rory who both have a crush on her. Finn and Rachel announce their engagement to the rest of the group who are as supportive as they can be for the fact that their friends are about to ruin their lives.

We finally get to meet Rachel’s dads Hiram and LeRoy played excellently by Jeff Goldblum and Brian Stokes Mitchell. The couple invite Finn and his parents over for dinner to celebrate the kids’ engagement but they did seem almost too happy about it. Rachel reveals her ridiculous nighttime routine to Finn who just wants to pee and this causes a stupid fight that Rachel’s dads hope would make them see the light but only draws them closer. Even through Troll Murphy and co said they would cut down on the guest stars this season, I have to say Goldblum and Mitchell have been two of the better ones. I hope we get to see more of them.

The God Squad, which was a thing I totally forgot about welcomes a new member with Joseph Hart, played by one of the winners of The Glee Project, Samuel Larsen. Quinn is immediately smitten and loves his tattoos of bibles verses. He’s a little too granola for me, with the dreads and sandals but he is a cute kid and pretty talented. Santana and Brittany are stopped from kissing in the hallway by Principal Figgins and Santana stands up for their right to kiss her own damn girlfriend, considering Rachel and Finn are allowed to make out all the time with no hassle. She goes to the God Squad to ask them to do a special song for her lady love and even though they make a big deal out of whether they should do the song or not, they honor Santana’s wishes. Kurt finally finds out who his secret admirer is, and it wasn’t Blaine. Although Blaine is corny enough to dress up in a gorilla suit. It turns out to be Kurt’s old bully, and now crush, Karofsky. Seeing Max Adler‘s name in the credits I was expecting an appearance, but for Kurt to admit that he kind of likes him too but he lets him down easy.

Sugar chooses Rory over Artie, but I hope they don’t make Artie stoop so low as to reveal that Rory might not be a legal citizen, and WTF at that being a future plot point. Sigh. There wasn’t much of Mr. Schue this episode, not even a mention of what lame gift he was getting Emma for V-Day. Next week is the winter finale where Rachel could be a runaway bride and Sue might be pregnant with Will’s baby. DUN DUN DUN!

“L-O-V-E” sung by Tina and Mike. I love any chance that Tina gets to sing and not cry and Mike gets to dance. Unfortunately they don’t get as much attention as the other couples but they work so well together. We got to see Rory and Artie try to woo Sugar during this classic Nat King Cole number. Well, we know how that ended.

“Let Me Love You” sung by Artie. I’m glad Kevin got to sing this Mario hit by himself, and I don’t know how this wasn’t enough to convince Sugar to choose him.

“Stereo Hearts” sung by The God Squad. Finn asked the group to perform for Rachel as his V-Day gift. This included also included a gospel choir, because you know, Jesus and stuff. It was cute, and Rachel loved it.

“Home” sung by Rory. Poor Rory was feeling homesick and used that to his advantage to get to Sugar. She fell for him singing this Michael Buble tune and hopefully Damian McGinty can get some better, and more upbeat, solos.

“I Will Always Love You” sung by Mercedes. There was already some talk about this cover, but because of the death of Whitney Houston it became more a tribute than a declaration of love. Amber did an amazing job with this and even made me tear up a bit, or maybe that was Sam getting a little verklempt. Mercedes ultimately chooses to be alone because she cheated with Sam and hurt Shane. It would have been better if we knew more about their summer romance and what happened between them, but hopefully the two end up together.

“You’re The Top” sung by LeRoy, Hiram and Rachel. The Berrys entertain the Hummels with what is apparently a nightly thing in the Berry household. Mitchell comes from a strong theater background so no surprise that he would sound so good, but Goldblum was a natural at the piano. Get this man into a musical!

“Cherish/Cherish” sung by The God Squad. This mash-up of Madonna and The Association was pretty cute, for what it was. Sam snuck some knowing glances at Mercedes, who looked a bit uncomfortable on stage with him but they got the crowd at Sugar’s party on their feet.

“Love Shack” sung by New Directions. Blaine returns to serenade his love, a slushie cannot keep this man down. Kurt couldn’t resist doing the Fred Schneider parts of this B-52’s song. He delivered the perfect “Tiiiiiiin roof! Rusted.” This was a great end to the episode and did you catch that cute scene of Finn popping up between the ice swan?

‘Portlandia’ Gives Us Eddie Vedder AND Jeff Goldblum? I. Dieeee.

If you don’t sit and watch this entire group of pieces from ‘Portlandia’, I’ll never speak to you again.  The first vignette about the “Allergy Pride Parade” is flawlessly hilarious.

Now GO!!

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I have a few really good friends in the deeeeep south who betta reccanize exactly what they’ll be dealing with when the come to the Northwest for a visit.  Sean, CoCo, Stella Bella and Co.  I’m talkin’ to ya. Ya hear me talkin’ to ya?

Yeah, that's Eddie Vedder with Carrie Brownstein

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