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Dr. Drew Says Jeff Conaway is NOT Dying – In Medically-Induced Coma, Not an OD

Dr. Drew and Jeff Conaway on "Celebrity Rehab"

Dr. Drew, who came to know and treat actor Jeff Conaway on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab has come forward with better news regarding Jeff’s alleged poor health, which seemingly has been exaggerated by the media.

Jeff indeed has had major struggles with substance abuse, perhaps stemming from back and hip injuries.  Nevertheless, he’s really had a rough time.

via EOnline:

“Just visited Jeff Conaway. He is stable & looks like he will recover from his pneumonia. Not an OD like press is alleging & certainly not dead.”

Fans started asking questions, and just like Dr. Drew manner, he tweeted some answers.

@drdrew ‘Why is his manager giving all the reports that he’s in a Coma?’ He’s in an induced coma. He’s actually on a Propafol drip”

@drdrew ‘That also means he’s intubated and on a vent.’ Right. Pneumonia with sepsis. No evidence of intentional OD.”

Glad to hear this news about Jeff.  He seems like such a sad soul.  Oh, and nice mention of the appropriate use of PROPAFOL in a hospital setting, Drew.  Duly noted.