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Jean Paul Gaultier Takes Us Back To The 80s For Spring/Summer 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier takes us back to the 80’s for Spring 2013

Jean Paul Gaultier did some of his best work in the 80s and 90s, and he revisited his best decades for his Spring 2013 collection.

Models Ajak Deng and Sessilee Lopez walked the catwalk in square hats and sharp suits, a la Grace Jones.

Another model did her best Ziggy Stardust in a one-legged jumpsuit complete with red hair and blue eye makeup. Of course there were also nods to Michael Jackson and Gaultier’s gal-pal and frequent collaborator, Madonna.

It was another fun show, full of lingerie-inspired corsets and sheer dresses perfect for a night on the town. Despite there not being a lot of every day looks, there were some easily wearable pieces like the red leather MJ jacket and sequined, denim skirt.

Another gorgeous look was the hair and make-up on the models which was clearly an homage to the lovely, Sade.

My favorite look came from model Hannelore Knuts as Annie Lennox in a peek-a-boo striped suit. Sweet dreams are made of this.

Madonna Kicks Off World Tour In Tel Aviv

The "Immortal" One.


Madonna started her MDNA World Tour in Tel Aviv on Wednesday night with some new hits and costumes. Video of Madge rehearsing a mash-up of her song “Express Yourself” with Lady Gaga‘s “Born This Way” was taken down, but she still kept it in the show as the opening. (Consider yourself warned–the sound is terrible on the video.)

She also added “She’s Not Me,” a track from her album Hard Candy into the set list and exclaimed “She’s not me…I’m only going to say it once…I don’t give a s***…I’m immortal!

Shade aside, the tour seems to be off to a good start with VIP tickets going for $600. There’s also a special lounge set up where she will be interviewed by Conan O’Brien, who is visiting Israel.

Hey! A new cone bra thanks to Jean Paul Gaultier


The new show features costumes designed by her friend, designer Jean Paul Gaultier which features a kind of new version of her famous cone bras. There is also a “Joan Of Arc” costume with chain mail that has Swarovski crystals and lots of skimpy lingerie for the “Truth or Dare” portion of the show. Her male dancers have custom-made Prada heels to be worn during the “Vogue” segment.


JPG Sketch...


Sounds pretty fabulous, but would you pay upwards of $600 to see Madonna?

Lady Gaga Has Gone Too Far This Time…She is Copying the Wrong Bitch (Video)

Seriously? The nun and priest get-ups??

I can’t remember what happened last year, but for some reason my husband and I didn’t do our usual Halloween celebration downtown.  (Oh.  I remember.  The gee-dee diverticulitis diagnosis.) Nevermind.

ANYgay.  Our costumes have been hanging in our closet for over a year now, at least I thought they were in the closet.  Seems someone must’ve sent one of their Little Monsters to sneak in through our boudoir (wink-wink nudge-nudge) window and STOLE our costumes.  Yeah.  I said it.  Lady Gaga has now stolen from DivaJulia and her SilverFox husband.  Now everyone knows what we were supposed to wear last year.  Gyaaaaah.  Man, this is so not cool.

Apparently Mother Monster and Jean Paul Gaultier (remember how we pronounce that, y’all…GENE PAUL GALLTEER; click HERE for a chuckle), are conducting some sort of “interview” on the CW (??) in the fall.

via RollingStone.com

After hinting at a collaborative film project earlier this year, Lady Gaga and Jean Paul Gaultier have confirmed that Gaga by Gaultier, a film in which the designer interviews the singer, will air on the CW September 12 at 8pm ET – just in time for New York Fashion Week, naturally.”



So yeah. THANKS, Stefani for ripping off everyone from Madonna to Britney to…yeah, you get the idea; I’m living in my own little world.