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Beyonce Pregnant With Second Child?


Is Blue Ivy going to be a big sister soon? Honestly. There has been no official statement regarding Beyonce’s pregnancy status, so it could all be a ruse much like Beyonce’s first pregnancy *COUGH SURROGATE COUGH*.  Here’s what we (sort of) know so far:

Bey attending the Met Gala last week

via: zap2it.com

“…multiple sources are confirming that Beyonce is pregnant with her second child with Jay-Z. Recently the singer told ABC News that she wanted to have more kids, and wished for her daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to experience being a big sister.

 Following the Met Gala, music industry insiders said Beyonce was expecting, but she still made no announcement. After her canceled concert in Belgium, Beyonce wrote an apology note to her fans, which was posted on Facebook, noting that she was feeling better after missing the show and was ready to return to the stage.

I’m not a huge conspiracy theorist…but I am a bit when it comes to Beyonce and Jay-Z and all their media-manipulating shenanigans. (See? I even use words like ruse and shenanigans when posting about the couple. Oh, and Illuminati.) 

What about Bey’s enormous Mrs. Carter Show World Tour Sponsored By Pepsi? Cancelled? Foam bellies of all sizes? YOU tell ME.

Thoughts? Is she? Isn’t she? Let me say this about THAT: I am completely out of shits to give about surrogacy, adoption, water births, mountain cliff births, back yard in the kiddie pool births–do WHATEVER. Just don’t lie about it and say how magical and golden and how windswept your hair was with the final PUSH, because that’s just crap.

Beyonce’s strange baby bump in 2011

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this gem from our girl, Wendy Williams from 2011. Watch it all the way through.


Justin Timberlake Joins SNL’s Five Timers Club

Photo: NBC/SNL

Oh, Justin. We always do look forward to your hosting duties on SNL, don’t we?  This episode was greatly anticipated and talked about all week, but I think the results were hit and miss. We were treated though, to the return of many members of the Five Years Club: Steve Martin, Chevy Chase, Martin Short (“I pee in the sink!”), Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks, and Candice Bergen. (Where was my beloved John Goodman?)

Let’s chat about the good stuff.  The NuvaBling commercial was painfully funny. Women perform all kinds of questionable torment in order to appear fancy and purrrdy, so this crystal-encrusted internal birth control method doesn’t seem that far-fetched.

NuvaBling – “And yes. It hurts.” 


We also had a “trailer” to JT’s latest rom-com, “She’s Got a D!%k”.  Another sketch that doesn’t seem that far-fetched?  Fred Armiston’s portrayal of Eugene Levy as the dad was hilariously on-point, and I loved how everyone was just so earnest.



Monica and Chandler was actually a trending topic on Twitter last night…and here’s why. OhdearLORD, Vanessa Bayer and Cecily Strong were disturbingly perfect as dim-witted porn stars trying to get some free merch by hawking crappy watered-down “champagne”.


Justin performed his new single, “Suit and Tie” (which puts me into a crabby-sleepy state whenever I hear it). Jay-Z lent a hand, too. JT felt the need to give Kanye an answer to his rant from a couple of weeks ago (wherein he cried about how much he hates “Suit and Tie”–uh, get in LINE, Kanye).  I’d rather show you the second song JT performed, “Mirrors“, because it’s not as annoying, but here’s stupid “Suit and Tie“. (Is that Daughtry dancing next to Justin? Oh. I guess not, but still.)



Saving the best for last–STEFON, City Correspondent discussed his unique ideas for Spring Break.

Complete. Belly. Laughs.

“Based on the novel, ‘Push’ by Sapphire…”


You can absolutely tell when the cue cards are switched on Bill Hader. (This is a stunt the writers pull on Bill every time Stefon rolls onto the Weekend Update desk in order to make him laugh and break character…much to our delight.)

What were your favorite skits? Were your expectations met?

Vanity Fair’s International Best Dressed List 2012

Jessica Chastaine and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

Vanity Fair put out a list of the best dressed, celebs, models and even a couple of royals. Catherine Middleton, the Duchess Of Cambridge, made the list for the third time and gets a cover along with actress Jessica Chastain.

Not that Kate doesn’t have her moments, VF highlighted this blue Jenny Packham she wore to a concert at the Royal Albert Hall, but there are many others on the list they bring it even when they aren’t on the red carpet. Take Chinese actress, Fan Bingbing looking quite fierce here in Louis Vuitton.

Then there is Diane Kruger who always looks stunning. Here she paired a Chanel couture dress with a simple newsboy cap.

Others who made the list include Alicia KeysCharlotte Casiraghi, Colin Firth and his wife Livia, football players Tom Brady and Victor Cruz, Kate‘s bro-in-law Prince Harry and Jay-Z.

Yes, Blue Ivy‘s dad can rock a Gucci suit.