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The Winner of ‘The Voice’ is…


Javier Colon!!

Mr. Colon was crowned the winner of the first edition of The Voice, while Dia Frampton came in second place. I would have rather Javier and Beverly been the final two, but everyone deserved to be there.

Javier and Stevie Nicks

When it came to the final performances, I thought the contestants were hindered by the stars they sang with. I mean really, Pat from Train?  Someone please stop that band!  [Editor’s Note: I just screamed with delight to find out that my girl, Brittani hates Train as bloody much as I do!! ~ DivaJulia]

I like that they didn’t drag the finale out, and besides Javier winning the best moment of the night was Christina, ummm, adjusting herself. I’m going to miss her craziness.

Don’t forget Dipped in Cream called it back on May 3rd about Javier and his amazing-ness.

It was a fun, if not somewhat tiring at times, season. Can’t wait to do it again!