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Inauguration Odds and Ends With The Obama Family

Uh-oh.  Sasha and Malia Might Be In Trouble With Mom?


I admit it…I snort-laughed with I saw the First Darling Daughters acting just like regular tweens, taking a “selfie” –duckfaces and all.    I’m willing to bet however, their mom didn’t think it was so funny.  I mean, it was during their dad’s Inauguration.  I hope they didn’t get in too much trouble, but surely they’ll get a talking-to for not presenting The Perfect Princess appearance that is instilled in them on a daily basis.  Awww…give the girls a break. I’m pretty sure this was during the parade–not during their dad’s swearing in ceremony.

We feel you, Mrs. O.


Shall we discuss FLOTUS’s Side-Eyeroll situation?  I don’t know how she kept it from being a Full Body Eyeroll, frankly.  If that fake tanned crybaby idiot who made my husband’s life hell like this a-hole did–and will continue to, I am quite sure I would do the same.  And how DARE Boehner smack The First Lady’s arm while she’s eating lunch?  Gauche.  Rude.  Typical.



We need a palate cleanser after lunch, don’t we?  Let’s jump to the Inauguration Ball.  The First Lady wowed and surprised everyone by wearing a Jason Wu gown again. (I’m sure you remember her gorgeous one-shoulder white gown in 2008).

Jason Wu’s Original, Signed Sketch of The Red Dress

This time around the dress was a fiery red chiffon and velvet halter gown.

FLOTUS, in Jason Wu. Again!

I love her new haircut with a little flip to the ends, and of course her super-flattering bangs.  Mrs. Obama wore a rough cut diamond ring by designer Kimberly McDonald. The stacked bracelets are a personal favorite of the First Lady, as are her Jimmy Choo shoes.


After the First Dance – “Let’s Stay Together”

President Obama wore a black Hart, Schaffner and Marx tuxedo.  POTUS went for a more fashion-forward white tie instead of the more traditional black tie (a white tie is traditionally worn with tails).  As usual, he looked incredible.  What a gorgeous couple.