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Happy 40th Birthday, Jason Statham!

Well, now! I gotta get THIS in before the night’s ovah! Look who turned 40, Sweetie Darlings!

Nice car, Bruv.

I don’t really feel like saying much other than Oi! ‘appy Buffday, Love, so I’ll do just that.


Yep. Even wiff the ciggie.

‘Allo, Love!

In all my times in the ER, I’ve never seen this.

Fine. I’ll stop!!

Really, though?  Happy Birthday from Dipped in Cream, Mr. Statham!

Jason Statham is a Bad Ass in His New Film, ‘Safe’? Whaaaa?

Jason Statham in “Safe”

Oh, Jason Statham.

I was telling my son Alex (Jason’s semi-doppelganger) that he’s got a new film coming out called “Safe“.  Alex asked, “what’s it about?”, to which I said (kind of in Butthead’s voice, “uhhhhhh….it’s a Jason Statham movie“. 

Here’s the trailer for the naughty Brit’s typical (but loved by ME!) film that hits theaters in March, 2012:



Yeah, there are a lot of similarities to Jason’s previous films (and so bloody what?), but this one is getting good reviews already; you can read the synopsis of “Safe” here and here.


Awwww...Jason's a softy after all...


I need to get back to watching “The Transporter 2”.  I am totally not kidding.

Oh, and for those of y’all unfamiliar with my handsome son Alex and his gorgeous wife, Dayna , here ya go:


Jason wishes  he had Alex’s pale green eyes and a babe like Dayna on his arm…just sayin’.