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Ryan Lochte Visits ‘The Tonight Show’ And Lands Roll On ‘90210’


One of my many Olympic boyfriends made his first late night television appearance on ‘The Tonight Show,’ even donning a pair of Speedo shorts with the show’s logo on the back during the opening bit.

It was hard to ignore Kristen Bell, who is engaged to actor Dax Shepard by the way, and her obvious thirstiness, but I have to say RyRy did a pretty good job here, mostly because all he had to do was talk about himself. He discussed his grueling workouts and the possibility of him doing ‘Dancing With The Stars.’ He got an A in a dance class, bless him.

“It’s hard to walk and talk, like, at the same time. Huh huh.” Ryan Lochte onset of “90210”

Ryan’s first acting roll with be on an episode of ‘90210‘ which he shot this week while he was in L.A. I pretty much gave up on the CW so I won’t be watching, but I’m sure he’ll be fine. All he has to do is stand there shirtless and look hot. He’s so good at that.

[Ed.Note: DivaJulia saw that big ol’ Jethro doofus Ryan chatting about how hard it was on the set of 90210 because he had to “remember, like words and to remember to move and stuff”.  Let’s just say Brittani ~ the girl who wants RyRy, digs him a whole lot more than DivaJulia does….oh, HEY, Jason Richardson, Track and Field Gold Medalist!]


Jason Richardson….that’s right.