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Magazine Round-Up! Christina, Beyonce and Jennifer Aniston

It’s going to be an exciting month at the newsstands, what with Christina Aguilera and Beyonce sharing the July cover of W’sMusic and Style‘ issue.  Jennifer Aniston covers the latest issue of Marie Claire. With a new album to promote, Beyonce is once again everywhere with four huge covers including Essence, Dazed & Confused and L’Uomo Vogue.

For the July/August issue of L’Uomo Vogue, Beyonce rocks Dior Homme and in the mag she discusses her  work ethic and her upcoming role in the remake of ‘A Star Is Born‘ which will be directed by Clint Eastwood.

“Sometimes my husband and my family force me to pull back from working, otherwise I would work all the time,” the singer told the magazine. The leak of her album, titled “4,” forced the singer and actress to work over time. “I was enjoying myself, relaxing, then suddenly, I couldn’t sleep for eight hours, I was working 12 hours a day.”

For her cover of W she wears Louis Vuitton paired with a Givenchy silk bra and Lorrain Schwartz jewelry. Schwartz also designed her wedding ring and that metal hand she rocked during her Sasha Fierce era. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, I have to say these are some of the best photos she’s ever taken. I’m enjoying Bey’s edgier look with this album.

Christina is a lot more exposed for her cover, and in the interview with Lynn Hirschberg. Bouncing back from a tough year with a divorce and low album sales, she’s seems ready for a comeback. Talking about her “problems” over the past couple of months, she seems to brush off things like forgetting the lyrics to the National Anthem and tripping on stage at the Grammy’s.

“And during that Grammy moment, when I nearly collapsed, I was thinking, Are you kidding me? I’ve always been really good with my heels. Even pregnant, I could perform in heels. Note to self: Never wear a train onstage. My heel got caught in my train, and if it wasn’t for Jennifer Hudson, who picked me up as I went down, I would have fallen to the floor.” Aguilera paused. “When it happened,” she continued, “it was just like, What else, God?! What else?! I threw my hands up in the air and started smiling, because what else could go wrong?”

Jennifer Aniston is “gracing” July’s Marie Claire to promote her new comedy ‘Horrible Bosses‘. In the movie she plays a dentist who tries to seduce her dental assistant, definitely a different role for her.


Aniston (always with the freshly fornicated-looking hair) and Sudeikis
Aniston and Bateman

She’s interviewed along with her co-stars, Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day who all blab about their first jobs.

Jennifer worked as an extra on her dad’s soap opera, while Jason Sudeikis worked at a Banana Republic in Chicago. Jason Bateman’s first acting job was in an educational video.

Charlie Day and Jennifer Aniston

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia‘ actor Charlie Day worked as a janitor in a health club in Rhode Island where he spotted Arnold Schwarzenegger who worked out there while filming his movie ‘True Lies‘. (I wonder if he hit on Charlie.)

Needless to say, they’ve all come a long way since scrubbing toilets and folding sweaters.