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James, Our One-Eyed Boxer is a Model in CityDog Magazine!

James at Howe Farm

Photos: Julie Clegg for CityDog Magazine

Our sweet Boxer, James Beckham had yet another photoshoot for CityDog Magazine, as well as a lovely editorial piece on his neighborhood haunts.

via CityDogMagazine:

“A short journey from Seattle aboard a Washington State ferry, the Kitsap Peninsula is surrounded by nearly 300 miles of shoreline with Port Orchard, Bremerton and Silverdale nestled in the center of it all. You’ll find sophisticated dining, award-winning wineries, shops filled with local art and bakeries to tempt your taste buds. And, for your furry companions, quick access to pristine trails, waterfront boardwalks, and well-maintained on- and off-leash parks, make this Dog’s Eye View worth barking about.

We start the day with a 25-minute ferry ride from the Fauntleroy ferry dock in West Seattle to the Southworth ferry dock, located about 15 minutes from Port Orchard. We have a date with James, the one-eyed boxer. James earned this moniker after undergoing emergency surgery to remove an eye after a scratch at the doggy daycare [correction] turned into something a lot more serious. James doesn’t let it slow him down a bit though as we arrive at our first destination, Howe Farm.

Howe Farm is a historic park, with walking trails and an off-leash area. It’s a favorite among local dog lovers and for good reason. Originally a working farm, the land was purchased by Kitsap County from Judy Howe in 1996. This 83-acre piece of property sits at the intersection of Mile Hill Drive and Long Lake Road and is located within a wide, gently sloping valley. It’s doggie utopia at the off-leash park, which features 11 acres of fenced area, including 5.5 acres of open space, with the rest a series of pa ths winding through the woodlands. After James enjoys a serious romp with his fellow four-legged friends, we depart this pretty, pastoral setting and head to nearby Port Orchard.”

James Beckham...keeping "an eye" on things in town...

We’re so proud of our one-eyed dollyhead.

Mr. Handsome James Beckham

Hey…you dog lovers?  Y’all totally need to subscribe to CityDog Magazine.  I officially endorse this publication!!


James the Boxer, One Year Later – Update and Photos!

James, One Year Later...

Photo: Luna Azul Photography

It’s been nearly one year since our darling Boxer, James lost his left eye in a nasty accident at his doggy daycare.  We wanted to update y’all on how he’s doing.

via DippedInCream.com

James, last year after surgery to remove his eye.

“Most of you know about our dear boxer, James.  For those of you who may not have heard, our boy’s cornea was severely lacerated while he was at doggy daycare about 10 days ago.  He had surgery to repair the cornea, but it just didn’t work.  He had his left eye removed one week ago today.

There are so many blessings we have to count during this whole ordeal.  Number ONE is that our darling PATRICK took loving care of James the entire time we were out of town.  If Patrick hadn’t been so incredibly mindful of James, we might have lost him.  He noticed immediately that James’s eye was beginning to swell after his initial surgery and took him back to the veterinary eye specialist; who in turn spoke with us about James having a severe infection.  His eye needed to be removed, or else the infection would spread to his brain and would have ultimately been deadly.  The eye-removal surgery saved his life.”

Stephen and I have come to know a lovely woman named Luna Azul who is the Photo and Copy Editor and Contributing Photographer for CityDog Magazine.   Last year at this time, Luna photographed James for  CityDog Magazine.  Just days after the photo (below) appeared in the magazine, James suffered his terrible accident. 

James in CityDog Magazine for Olive Dog Sweaters

Luna asked us if she could photograph James again last weekend, and we were so thrilled at the offer.  The photo shoot went beautifully and James got to play with Luna’s own boxer, Stella!

We have so many people to thank for James’s recovery.  He had a bit of a struggle after losing his eye.  We were able to let James spend three weeks with Heather McIntosh, from Everlast Boxers in Lake Stevens, Washington.  Heather helped James overcome his fears after the loss of his eye, as well as honing his other senses. (Oh, and some training…ahem. Read: SPOILED!)  Heather kept us up-to-date several times a day on James’s progress, even posting videos!


Of course, Stephen and I are indebted to our darling BFF, Patrick. Without HIM, we might have lost James. We love you, Patrick.

Patrick and James snuggling...

It means so much to our family to have such truly sweet and loving people in our lives who care about James.


xoxo ~ Julia

James Beckham, the Boxer is 2 years old today.

James, at 12 weeks
James, arguing with Angelina the armadillo--I mean WHIPPET.
James on Capitol Hill in Seattle, at 1 yr. of age.
Our Big Baby, takin' a nap on Mom.
Then The Accident happened in March. Bless his little heart.
Yesterday, pouting on the deck--see that lip out? He's gonna trip over it someday...

Oh, James Beckham.  Happy 2nd Birthday to our big boy.

Our boxer has been through quite a bit in the past couple of months.  (For those of you who haven’t heard the story of James and how he lost his left eye, you can read it HERE.)

There are days when I’m still taken aback when I see James with his left eye sewn shut.  I’m still sad for him.   He’s a bit jumpy since he cannot see what’s coming on his left side.  It’s weird, I started this post feeling rather upbeat, but sitting here with James, I’m a little melancholy.  I know that eventually he’ll learn to adjust.  I’m just having a hard time seeing him bump into tables and then being frightened by it all.

James will be going to a canine behaviorist (who specializes in boxers) within the next month or so–for two full weeks.  Stephen and I trust Heather (from Everlast Boxers) implicitly with our boy dog.  We know he’ll come home being much more confident and well-mannered.

And just so y’all know–we usually treat him like anyone else in the family–and by that I mean, we make fun of his eye-loss and ask him if it’s under the bed somewhere.  Or maybe under the couch?  “James? Have you found your eye yet? It’s still lost!”

Yeah.  Mood Swing Mama, alternately sniveling about or teasing the boxer.