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America’s Next Top Model’s Meth Battle

Jael Strauss – Then at 22 and Now at 28
Brad Barket/Getty Images; Dr. Phil

Way back before “smizing” was a thing, I was an America’s Next Top Model superfan. Faithfully tuning in as Tyra and her latest crop of wannabe starlets lined up to be transformed by the Jays.

As the black mother of children the world at large finds racially ambiguous, I was intrigued by Tyra and Co.’s Cycle 8 “big reveal”. Contestant Jael Strauss was biracial. At this point Tyra had traveled the world many times and had no doubt encountered every combination of race and ethnicities possible. Leading me to believe her surprise was the for her TV audience, but I digress.

Jael and her distraught family were recently profiled on the Dr. Phil Show as they tried to get her treatment for meth addiction.  As awful as her damaged face is, let’s hope she is able to save her life and not become the Rodney Harvey for this generation.