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Jackie Warner Thinks Jessica Simpson Should Have Worked Out During Her Pregnancy

Jackie Warner, that "trainer chick" from TV


Really, Jackie?  How many time have YOU been pregnant? Here’s what Miss Sinew-Arms had to say about Jessica:


“If you’re working out during your pregnancy, the pregnancy not only goes better, the baby is healthier, and the weight falls off much quicker. It’s really really important to work out during pregnancy. I have trained many clients at nearly seven months along, so there really is a lot that you can do.”


That’s only my first point.  My second point is, enough with the bitchiness about Jessica Simpson‘s weight during and post-pregnancy.  Honestly.  Most bloggers thought it was cool to post (then mock) Jessica having the gall to go out in public like she just had a 10 pound baby!!  The NERVE of that woman…looking like a normal woman after giving birth.  I refused to take part in any of that crap.

And now this woman (who most people don’t even recognize) feels the need to remain relevant by shaming Jessica’s pregnancy and post-pregnancy weight and lifestyle.  Let me tell you something:  The ONLY way I “worked out” during the pregnancies of my sons was running to the closest bathroom (or alley, or bush, or bowl in the car) so I could puke, vomit, spew, hoark, dry-heave, or wet-heave some neon bile OR the meal I just forced down. Oh, and if I was SUPER LUCKY, I’d pee my pants at the same time!  I weighed 134 lbs. AT DELIVERY with my eldest son, Alex because I was so nauseous–and he weighed 7 lbs. 15 oz.  I actually envy Jessica for always looking happy and healthy during her pregnancy.


Jessica Simpson was clearly happy pregnant.


Oh, and Jessica is also signed on to represent Weight Watchers during her weight loss for a cool $4 million.  I think she’s using that as motivation to lose weight, because as we all know, girlfriend is a billionaire with a capital B.  She’s clearly not doing it for the money.

Jackie Warner needs to shut her pie hole.