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Lady Gaga Performs In Wheelchair – Bette Midler or Kurt Cobain Homage?

Lady Gaga in Oz...

Or none of the above?  It’s not like this is the first time Lady Gaga has used a wheelchair, forpitysake.  Uh, Paparazzi anyone?  But everyone all over The Interwebs, are flipping the eff right out over Gaga performing in a wheelchair during a performance in Australia. Oh, and they’re saying she was perhaps, mimicking Kurt Cobain who performed way back in in the day in a wheelchair during the Reading Festival. Honestly though, with the mermaid get-up, I see much more of an homage (ahem) to Bette Midler’s character, Delores Delago, who also appears onstage in a wheelchair–albeit an electric device.

Bette Midler, as Delores Delgado in Las Vegas

via DailyMail.co.uk:

Gaga is not the first music artists to use a wheelchair as a prop and many said she had ripped off Bette Midler’s famous stage character Delores Delago, a beached mermaid that appears on stage in a wheelchair.And at the 1992 Reading Festival, the late Kurt Cobain, the Nirvana frontman was wheeled on to the stage for their headlining set in a dig at journalists who had accused Kurt of being a drug addict and had made speculations about his mental health.”

Kurt was just trying to be “rebellious”…turns out, well, you know.
Photo: Charles Peterson/Retna

Hmmm.  Oddly enough, I was reminded more of Marilyn Manson than Bette or Kurt the first time I saw Gaga with the braces/crutches and wheelchair–but I get it with with the mermaid outfit.  Totally Bette.

Lady Gaga – ‘Edge of Glory’ Official Video


Gaga in Vintage Gianni Versace

Go take a look at Lady Gaga’s new video for Edge of Glory.  I’ll be over here.

I’m reading a lot of hate about the latest video from Gaga–everything from “what’s with the 80’s SAX player?

Clarence "The Big Man" Clemons and Bruce Springsteen

I’ll tell you what’s up, kids–that’s 69 year old CLARENCE CLEMONS from Bruce Springsteen’s E Street BandLook it UP, Donna. (By the way, The Big Man suffered a stroke earlier this week and is still listed in serious condition.)

MJ dancing down the street...

I’ll agree that Edge of Glory didn’t give me goosebumps like Bad Romance or Born This Way, but I appreciate the 80’s feel of the video.  Oh, nostalgia.  It reminded me of MJ’s Billie Jean, Tina Turner’s What’s Love Got to Do With It, and even Terri Nunn from the 80’s band Berlin.

Miss Tina Turner

Terri Nunn from the 80's band BERLIN

I also appreciate the low-budget sound stage feel–the fire escape and window, dancing down a dark, wet city street–you know, like three-quarters of every 80’s video ever to air on MTV.  I believe it’s called an HOMAGE?

Do your homework before you start bitching about something you clearly know nothing about.