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Lupita Nyong’o Named As People Magazine’s Most Beautiful – They Finally Got Something RIGHT


It’s about time People Magazine got it right by declaring to the world (what we already know) that Lupita Nyong’o is the ‘Most Beautiful’.


After years of of giving me a case of the Full Body Eyerolls by naming that gotdam PaltrowJLo, or worse yet, Horseface Julia Roberts (although, I see she still managed to flare her nostrils and swish her tail onto the cover) the editors at People came to their collective senses.

Lupita gave People Magazine a thoughtful statement about being named Most Beautiful:

“It was exciting and just a major, major compliment. I was happy for all the girls who would see me on [it] and feel a little more seen.”


Lupita wins EVERYTHING this year.  She is completely flawless. Can this “honor” be given to Ms. Nyong’o each and every year until the end of days?

New Nine Inch Nails Album For Sure This Year, We Hope


Feels like we’ve been hearing about a new Nine Inch Nails album for some time now, but we might actually be getting to hear all of this “f***ing great” material this year.


First of all, YAY! Second of all, when’s the release date, bruh?

NIN will be debuting a new lineup which includes Alessandro Cortini, Josh Eustis, Robin Finck and Ilan Rubin, at the Fuki Rock Festival in Japan on July 26th. I hope they will be unveiling new songs as well.

I know who was kicked off American Idol — do YOU wanna know?

Who was voted off, y'all?

Okay…I’ll give you a second NOT to look.  (Looking at my watch…tick tick tick….)

Ready? I haven’t seen the show yet, since I’m on the west coast, but it’s my job to post this news–and FAST.

via AssociatedContent:

Finally, Siobhan's going home.

“Last night, Shania said of her music that she thought and wrote the songs— and that the Top 6 needed to interpret them as if they themselves had written them. They all did just that… to varying degrees. Oddly, Crystal Bowersox achieved the lowest degree and also was the judges’ least favorite performer— not enough to hurt her chance to make the finals. But Shania Twain’s songs actually brought out the best in all of the Top 6. And Siobhan brought down the house with her finale performance. But as Ryan said tonight as a camera panned the Top 6, “One of those six will be leaving.”

Rascal Flatts kicked off the April 28 elimination night singing ‘Love Is) Unstoppable’. The Top 6 Ford car ad put Michael Lynche in the driver’s seat and the other five as vampires in the dark of night trying to attack him. He is saved by having a pizza with extra garlic in the car. Next up, the Top 6 put their voices to animated Shrek characters in the studio. which led to the Top 6 seeing a special screening of Shrek Forever After, in 3D— reported to be the very last Shrek film, at The Grove Theaters in Los Angeles. Cameron Diaz (Shrek’s Fiona) and Antonio Banderas (Shrek’s Puss in Boots) appeared on the American Idol stage.

Elimination Time: Antonio said, “Dim the lights.” He and Cameron left the stage. Ryan asked Siobhan Magnus to stand up and then sent her to right stage (audience left). He next asked Aaron Kelly to stand and then sent him to center stage. Michael Lynche was the next to stand up. He was sent to left stage Near Ryan.

Ryan asked Lee DeWyze to stand. Ryan sent him to join Siobhan far (right) stage. Casey James was asked to stand up next. He was sent to stand next to Michael. Then, Ryan asked Crystal to stand up. Crystal joined Aaron center stage.”

Whew…I was worried America was gonna send Big Mike home. He’s waaaay too good to be eliminated.

What do y’all think?  Have I asked you who you want to win–do you even care?