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Are You Ready for The Human Centipede II?

Director, Tom Six. He's kind of a handsome devil, isn't he?

A three person centipede just wasn’t enough. What is sure to be the feel-good, shit stained movie of 2011, IFC is blessing us with what is sure to be “the sickest movie of all time.” Uh, we’ll see about that. IFC president Jonathan Sehring announced that they had acquired the North American rights to the sequel and will be released under IFC’s Midnight label. More from the press release:

FULL SEQUENCE has just wrapped shooting in London, and the story is being kept completely under wraps. The only information IFC Films and the producers are revealing is that this time there is a new villain on the scene named Martin and that the premise is 100% medically INaccurate! IFC Films will be releasing THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE PART 2 (FULL SEQUENCE) in 2011.

IFC Films has released a teaser for the film, which premiered on IFC.COM today featuring Six, who prepares viewers for “what really will be the sickest movie of all time.” The teaser is on demand nationwide as part of IFC Films’ Direct From Fantastic Fest initiative, in which four movies from the Festival are premiering nationwide on demand.

Martin? They couldn’t have come up with a better name for the villain? Oh, Dr. Heiter, you will be missed. I love how they are all a little too excited about this.

Die ach, so schön Dr. Heiter. Wir werden sie vermissen Sie und Ihre maßgeschneiderte OP Mantel.

“I like to say PART ONE is like My Little Pony compared to the film we are editing now. IFC Films has been such an incredible partner… I can only hope that they won’t be so disgusted that they try to get out of this new deal,Tom Six commented. IFC, specifically their Midnight label, is great about introducing foreign horror, sci-fi and arthouse films to the public. I was able to watch Lars von Trier’s Antichrist (which I hated, by the way) and one of my favorite zombie movies, Dead Snow, on their channel.  So I do appreciate their dedication to wanting to gross people out. In celebration of Fantastic Fest, you can watch The Human Centipedede (First Sequence) on VOD through October 22.

Oh!  Almost forgot!  You can PLAY THE GAME, The Human Centipede!!

via newgrounds.com

“You are Dr. Heiter, a brilliant German surgeon who has gone mad and surgically attached people ass-to-mouth to create the Human Centipede. Unfortunately, your patients are not pleased with being human centipedes and have begun to rebel against you.

Now you must take your trusty rifle and put down these human centipedes like the bad dogs they are. Don’t forget to watch out for the police and collect glasses of water with roofies to slow down the centipedes!

This Centipede game parody is based on the heartwarming, feel good movie of the year for the whole family to enjoy – Human Centipede. We’ve just added a variety of medals to it, including a few secret ones you’ll surely be able to unlock if you make it far enough in the game. Also included is a high scores list for those of you who are skilled enough to gun down plenty o’ those pesky human centipedes to make it into the top ten.

Good luck, Herr Doktor!”

Just in time for the crappy weather season (which is all-year round in Seattle, save 12 days?)–now you don’t have to leave your couch–EVER!