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Justin Timberlake Is One Of THOSE Attention-Hog Grooms

You know the ones, right?  The dude-bro who refuses to let the Bride have just ONE day that’s about HER.  The cover of People Magazine’s upcoming issue profiling Jessica Biel and  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S Italian wedding actually made me feel badly for the poor chick who married this guy. You guys know I love JT (when he sings), so just hear me out.


Honestly, Justin.


I do blame People Magazine for choosing this particular photo for their big coup cover.  For me, this photo would be cute as an aside. I don’t expect some stiff and formal shot, but maybe a romantic, sexy and loving photo would have sufficed.  Seriously?  Jessica Biel is relegated to sitting in the corner in that gorgeous petal pink Giambattista Valli wedding gown?

Oh, and I’m calling bullshit on Justin helping Tom Ford design his wedding tuxedo“.  As bloody IF Tom Ford needs ASSISTANCE in that arena.

Maybe we’ll actually get to see a few tiny photos of Jessica on the last page of the article. Fingers crossed.



Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Are Indeed Getting Married This Weekend at The Borgo Egnazia Resort In Italy **UPDATE**

JT and JB – Any second now…


Hey now!  Looks like my little pea-brain did indeed figure out where Justin and Jessica are getting married this weekend:  The Borgo Egnazia.  Lord knows what I could have done with my life if I had put one-half the effort into something useful, right?  Ahhh, well.  I can’t do math, I don’t like to exercise so I keep my weight down with a good old-fashioned illness every 18 months or so.  That really does keep me occupied.  Where was I and why did I go off on that tangent? (Yeah. I wonder.)

Pre-wedding party


via thegossipers.com

Se ne parla da giorni ma ora la notizia è pressoché certa. Justin Timberlake e Jessica Biel sono pronti a sposarsi in Puglia e vi diro di più: i festeggiamenti sono già iniziati.

Ieri sera la coppia ha dato una festa pre-matrimoniale a Cala Masciola, il lido di Borgo Egnazia, in provincia di Brindisi. Circa cinquanta invitati hanno brindato sulla spiaggia pugliese facendo i migliori auguri ai due futuri sposi.

The point here is, I figured out the Top Secret Location of Justin Timberlake’s wedding to that one chick.

Mr. and Mrs. Timberlake?

Photo: UsMagazine.com

According to Eonline.com, quite a few celebs/friends of the couple have gathered for a pre-wedding party in the Pulgia Region of Italy in honor of Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.  Spotted at the party were Andy Samberg, Beverly Mitchell, Chris Kirkpatrick and Timbaland, among others.

Now.  I did some of my own investigating.  After studying a photo from the party, I found some luxury hotels in the Puglia Region and checked on availability for this weekend.  The Hotel Masseria Torre Maizza is sold out, as is The Borgo Egnazia.  If I had to wager (which, thankfully, I don’t), I’d say the wedding will take place at The Borgo Egnazia (below).

Photos of Borgo Egnazia, Fasano
The Borgo Egnazia

This resort would certainly be my choice in Puglia.  And for Justin, it has one of the world’s finest seaside golf courses.

The Borgo Egnazia

I could be wrong, but this place is pretty exquisite.  (You can see for yourself by clicking on the link.)

I’ll predict also, that Tom Ford will dress the groom.  I’d like to think that Jessica will go with a Dior gown, but she may have simply gone to David’s Bridal,  to hurry things along, so JT doesn’t back out.


We’ll see if Dipped in Cream gets at least some of the details correctly from our place on the Sofa in Seattle.

**Yes. We were right.**

Madonna’s New Video, ‘Turn Up the Radio’ – We have it!

Madonna - Every the lady.

Oh, Madonna.

Like any gal struggling with the fact that she’s aging, Madonna is still fighting the good battle, I suppose.  I can’t deny how gorgeous she looks (I want her hair and make-up people on-call 24/7) in her latest video, Turn Up the Radio.  The clip was shot in and around my beloved Florence, Italy, when it wasn’t being shot with a giant green screen in a studio somewhere.  (C’mon.  We can TELL!)

The song itself is just meh…but I do love seeing Madonna picking up stray hookers in Italia.  Wait.  Do I?  I don’t even know anymore.



What do you guys think?