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Meet Amanda Rae! Dipped in Cream’s New Contributing Writer From New Jersey!


It’s Amanda!

Hello everyone! I am beyond excited that I’ve been plucked from my very own virtual playground that is Twitter and given the opportunity to provide this fantastic website with my assorted anecdotes and extensive and completely ridiculous knowledge of all things pop culture.

I’ve always known that entertainment news was the place for me, ever since I poured over issues of my mother’s People magazines in between my very own Highlights and YM’s. With every random phone call and text message I get asking me to confirm or deny assorted celebrity rumors and stories (“I know this is random, but did Bam Margera die?” “Why didn’t you tell me Kim Kardashian got divorced?!” “Is Queen Latifah really gay?“), it occurs to me more and more often that this is always going to be one of the things people reach out to me for. It’s something that, even if a few stuffy types can’t seem wrap their head around it, I’ve always been extremely passionate about. I once even I found myself in a full-out argument with a guy who tried to tell me that Jennifer Lopez had been married 6 times (Uh, hello — it was only thrice. She was only engaged to Ben Affleck… but I get it, your mind must have been clouded by that insane pink Harry Winston rock).

So what, you may ask, am I bringing to the table here at Dipped In Cream? Opinions. Quips. Snark. All of the things that you’re thinking, but aren’t ever saying. I’m watching the TV shows that you’re watching, and I’m screaming at the screen just as often as you are. I’m getting to know reality show contestants and trying to comprehend where in the world they find these people. I’m also live-tweeting all of the awards shows and weeping over all the good, the bad, and more often, the ugly.

I believe strongly that each and every celebrity is only as facepalm-worthy as what they choose to put out into the media, and the moronic things that they choose to do (I’m looking at you, Amanda Bynes…), and I’m going to be there, running commentary on it. I’m all over the internet. Much like Steven Tyler, I don’t want to miss a thing. Except maybe next season’s American Idol; I bet he’s probably not gonna watch that…

So embark on this journey with me. Laugh when I’m reading your mind, and gasp when I’m pushing the envelope too far. Engage me!

I’m here for your entertainment, and always available right here, or on Twitter (@hayamandarae) to hear any and all of your feedback.

Let’s do this!