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I Saw “Inception”. Or at least I think I did. And I saw YOU in my dream. I think.


So, I think I saw “Inception” last night with my husband.  I also think we sat in the wrong theater (giant complex) for about 10 minutes watching local advertisements before  we realized our mistake.  We found our way to the SECOND ROW in front of a giant curved screen, and I think it took a few minutes (days?) for my eyes to get accustomed to the proximity of being blasted with sensory overload.  I think.

Getting better with age...Leo.

I think Leonardo DiCaprio was better looking than I’ve seen him…I think he’s aging well.

I think I like Ellen Page.  She wasn’t doing her usual annoying “shenanigans” voice.  I think you should know what I’m referring to **COUGHDiabloCodyCOUGH**.

The luminous Marion..

I think Marion Cotillard was more beautiful than ever and I think it was clever of director, Chris Nolan to use snippets of Edith Piaf singing in the film that I think I saw.

Cinema's new star...Joesph Gordon-Levitt. Mark my words.

I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt is a real actor to watch…yes, go forth with casting JGL as The Riddler,  Mr. Nolan.

I think I saw some of the most beautiful men’s suits on film, specifically Ken Wantanbe’s three-piece gray number.  And Cillian Murphy’s tie with the big, fat double Windsor knot?  Bloody gorgeous.  I think.  I DO KNOW that I’m a complete men’s clothing whore. I will swoon over a French cuffs on a lovely tone-on-tone crisp white dress shirt, a seven-fold tie (if you don’t know that is, my friends, you are NOT a men’s clothing whore), and functional buttonholes on the cuffs of a suit jacket. (I’m about to faint at the mere image…)

This pic doesn't do the suit justice--but still.
Look. At. Those. Suits.

I think the locations, cinematography and FX were stunning in the film I think I saw.

I think I may have been dreaming that I saw this film–but I don’t know for sure.