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David Bowie and Iman – PERFECTION. And their daughter, Lexi? Also PERFECTION.


Photo by ConcreteLoop.com

Wow. This woman never ceases to take my breath away; AND she’s been married to David Bowie for almost 20 years. Check out Iman, y’all, during a trip to South Africa this week.  I LOVE the guys in the background–checking her out!  Let’s all remember for a moment that Iman is 54 years old.

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“I am not sure if you guys are aware but I have been married to David Bowie for eighteen years now,” said Iman.

“David and I met late in life. We both had adult children and we both had been married before and were both divorcees. We also both had illustrious careers so when we got together, we were both looking for a partner, so I think that helped our relationship.”

When it comes to maintaining a normal family life Iman does not juggle. “My family comes first and business is second.

“David and I have a little girl called Alexandria or Lexi as we call her, who is nine years old. I have actually brought her with me to South Africa because I want to take her on some safari’s.”

The couple prefer to keep their home life private. “We know that when we go to events that paparazzi and photographers will be there to capture the moment and that is okay because that is what comes with the business,” said Iman.

“We don’t allow press in our homes nor to photograph our children. There is a privacy that we really have to fight for and protect – so that is how we manage.”

Romance is still very much alive in their relationship as Iman explains: “David still serenades me occasionally and I cook for him every night.

“He is very funny and he keeps me entertained. He is curious and is interested in everything. I have learnt a lot about the arts through him.

“For all those who are wondering – does David wear make-up anymore? No he does not,” says Iman laughing.

“Have I tested Iman cosmetics on him?,” still laughing Iman says: “No.”

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“Iman explained the secret of their successful relationship which has sustained itself through their hectic high profile and business lives.”

Lexi and mom, Iman

**UPDATED PHOTO**  The photo I originally posted was actually Willow Smith, Will and Jada’s daughter. Thanks for the heads-up!!

Just LOOK at these two...

This couple really have it together, and it’s lovely to hear how much family means to them–AND that they are still so happily married for all these years.  David and Iman seem stay under the gossip radar, which only means things are going quite well for them.  That makes me very happy.