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Britney Spears “Live” on “Good Morning America” – VIDEO – My Thoughts.

Holy hoots, Gurrrl.


Oh, Britney. Y’all know I love ya. You look fantastic, Li’l Mama, you DO. I’m just worried about our Dollface.  I’m worried that you’re tired.  I’m worried that maybe your knee still hurts.  I’m worried you are feeling pressure from everyone (record label, management, the MEDIA, your fans, your family, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Rihanna), you know, alla them.



“Oh, well THANK YOU! ”  That was awful cute. I must say, though, Robin Roberts and that blond dude were super-excited to see you, Doll, and the San Francisco crowd flipped their collective WIG over your performance.

Honey Buns!

I’m just gonna say it:  I’m troubled and just plain worried for our girl.

Oh, and nice that the news of KFed impregnating yet another baby mama broke today.  Five kids, three different mamas.  (Does he work?)  Sigh.

Kelly Ripa with kids and Starbucks

I love you, Kelly, but...

I love Kelly Ripa.  She’s a breath of fresh air in the morning, with her funny, sarcastic manner…and boy, does she ever humor (and make fun of) Regis!  It’s always the best when Anderson Cooper is guest-hosting for 115 year-old Regis, though.  Kelly is relentless with her teasing of Anderson, then he gives us the little wrinkle-nose giggle he’s so famous for.  LOVE it.

Love them together.

Here’s the thing.  Kelly is a bit on the thin side, don’t you think?  This photos show her with her two youngest kids, Joaquin who 7 and Lola who is 9 years of age.  Now…I’ll wager that Kelly weighs less than both kids.  There’s no reason a grown woman should have smaller thighs than her 9 year old daughter.

Kelly?  Slow down on the workouts.  I’m worried about you.