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I’m not slacking, honest!

Sun Valley, Idaho - minus the snow today.

My husband Stephen and I are on vacation in Sun Valley, Idaho with our friends Cynthia (who just left), and Patrick and Tana (who just arrived!)

I have excited news about a new contributing writer named Shaun, who is drop dead gorgeous, smart and funny as hell.  I’ll do a proper introduction later.  You’re going to adore him…just tellin’ ya.  (Go back and read his review of the Seattle Scissor Sisters concert!)

I’ll check back with y’all very soon.  We’re making some big life decisions while we are at our home here in Sun Valley, but I know all of y’all just wanna hear about Lindsay and Paris’s legal problems.  So, don’t worry–I’ll be here with all the snippy dirt later today.

Thanks for stickin’ with me, Lovers!