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Piers Morgan Interviews Anderson Cooper on CNN — Appears Smug While Doing So.

Ugh. I think I'm getting a pain in my left eye...Piers Morgan the Smug.

Usually, when one is just starting out with a new job, one doesn’t begin by publicly looking down one’s nose at one’s colleague.

Someone, I don’t care who, needs to inform that smug prig, Piers Morgan, of this courtesy.   Who the F*CK does he think he is — coming to America and talking down to our Crown Prince Andy of the Silver Fox Club?  Awww, HELL naaah.

I don’t like this a-hole’s tone.  At. All. (And clearly, I’ve been stripped on all good manners just watching this snip.)

Piers Morgan has a LOT of nerve…and not in a good way. We are all going to wish Larry King didn’t retire, even though he rarely knew who he was interviewing on any given night.

One more thing, Piers Morgan looks as though he has a butthole as a mouth.  Yeah, I said it.