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Happy Birthday, David Bowie – Bloody Hell, He’s 65 Today?

The Thin White Duke is 65 today...

My Beloved David Bowie is 65 years old today.  Golden Years, indeed.

I’m having the hardest time writing this post. It should come easily to me since David Bowie is probably one of my favorite people to write about. I get all caught up in watching YouTube videos and Google images, then I start strolling down the Bowie Memory Lane in my head–and since I’m easily distracted, I lose track of time and end up writing NOTHING AT ALL.  Gyaaaah.

So what I’ve done is post a video from the first time I saw David’s 1984 Serious Moonlight Tour, and a video from the Reality Tour in April of 2004.

It’s pronounced, “Reh-bow Reh-bow“, just so you know.  I think I was more breathless during this concert than the first time I saw him…I had Hunter with me, and again, felt like I was taking him to SCHOOL.


So.  What is YOUR favorite Bowie persona?  I love the Blue-Eyed Soul of Young Americans and the Thin White Duke of Station to Station…but I also love the banana-yellow suit Dandy from the Let’s Dance era.  Decisions!!