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Selena Gomez Hosting MTV EMAs 2011 From Belfast – Super Funny Promo

Todos provienen de la chola!

I love Selena Gomez.  I’m waiting for her to dump that BOYfriend of hers, though. But whatevs.  This promo for the MTV EMAs From Belfast is hilarious…

I only wish she had worked on the TRUE chola eyebrows and lipliner a bit more…still, superfunny and cute.

Hey, I grew up on The Avenue in Ventura, California…I know of what I speak.  These bad-ass, hot girls took some time on those brows and lipliner.  They were always sweet to this skinny white girl back in the day, and really are quite beautiful.  When I was the new chick in junior high and was being horribly bullied, it was a gorgeous chola named Lupe who came to my rescue, and I’ve NEVER forgotten her. Gracias por salvarme la vida, Lupe!

So, don’t judge, mmmkay? Chicas Mexicanas son hermosas!

Wow. Off-topic much?  Sometimes it be’s like that.

And thanks to Aye Liza for the heads up!