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‘Glee’ Recap, “Britney 2.0”

We didn’t need another Britney Spears tribute episode, but we got it anyways. The kids exhausted her best songs, in my opinion, for the first one which left this one just feeling like an unnecessary sequel, which it was.

Brittany faces a teen life crisis, while Rachel and Kurt adjust to living on their own in New York.

Kurt and Rachel somehow find a pretty big loft apartment, and Rachel tells Kurt about her tough dance teacher Cassie. So Cassie was a Broadway babe until she had a meltdown on stage, caught by video phone of course. Her career ended and since then she’s been giving cupcakes like Rachel a hard time.

Cassie doesn’t think that Berry has the chops, or body, to pull of sexy but Rachel is determined to show her she can play Sally Bowles if she wants to. Knowing that the glee club back home is having another Britney week, they use to help Rachel tap into her sexiness–words I never want to write again.

Bitchface times TWO. Ugh.

Her performance with Brody goes well, for him, with Cassie giving her new friend all the attention. Rachel lashes out, calling Cassie a “YouTube joke,” and she gets kicked out of class. Later, Brody stops by their apartment to drop off a flower and tell Rachel that she really enjoyed dancing with her. They almost kiss, but uh, what about Finn?

At McKinley, Brittany can’t get her voice over right, and on top of that she’s failing all her classes. That doesn’t matter much to her as she is happy to get to do her Senior year again, but Sue kicks her off the Cheerios and takes away her high pony tail. This sends Brittany into a downward spiral, eating nothing but bacon and cashews all day while watching reruns of ‘The Client List.’

Mr. Schue has her talk to Emma on a daily basis, and encourages the other kids to help her feel better by performing some Britney songs. Brittany’s life started to mirror Britney’s a bit too much, she started to shave her head at one point, and not even a pep talk with her former girlfriend Santana could cheer her up. Sam figures out whats up, and tells her she doesn’t have to continue her fake downfall because she does have a friend in him. I like how Sam is stepping up sort of play the role that Finn did his three years in the club, the shoulder to cry on. Except he’s doing a much better job.

New girl Marley learns that Jake is nothing but a player from Unique, but that doesn’t stop her form crushing hard for him. This sounds familiar. She goes out with him anyways, and he reveals that he was bullied at his old school. He even sticks up for her when the popular kids pick on Marley and her mom again.

Will reaches out to Puck, Jake’s half brother, for some advice on how to handle him. I kind of missed Puck’s mohawk, but I’m sure Mark Salling is ready to grow his damn hair back. Just like the the club helped him to calm down, a bit, he says the same thing could help Jake. So Will officially welcomes Jake into New Directions but it already seems like he doesn’t quite fit in. He’ll be even more uncomfortable being around Marley all the time, knowing her feelings for him even though he just started dating cheerleader Kitty. Seriously, haven’t we done this before?

“Hold It Against Me” sung by BrittanyKitty and the Cheerios. Spears’ big comeback single was the start of things going downhill for Pierce. Numbers featuring the cheerleaders are generally pretty good but Sue wasn’t having it. So Brittany is off the team, for now.

“Boys/Boyfriend” sung by Artie and Blaine. I love hearing Artie/Kevin sing, with Finn off in the Army he can finally have his time to shine. Okay, he didn’t really shine with this mash-up of that last of Britney’s Neptunes produced singles and Justin Bieber‘s latest, but it surprisingly wasn’t that bad.


“Womanizer” sung by UniqueTina and Marley. Unique is trying to do right by Marley and let’s her know that Jake is romancing all the ladies around school. I actually really love this Britney song and they did a good job with it. I also liked the gymnastics inspired choreography, probably a nod to the Olympics. God, I’m getting sucked in again.

“3” sung by TinaSam and Joe. This songs is about a threesome, in case you didn’t know. Again, not bad, just not all that great either.

“Crazy/(You Drive Me) Crazy” sung by Jake and Marley. Another mash-up, Jake isn’t all that into Britney, but he does know a little Aerosmith. Jake seems to take his acoustic guitar everywhere, just like Puck did, and it works when it comes to picking up chicks. Just like it did for Puck.

“Oops…I Did It Again” sung by Rachel. Trying to prove that she can be sexy, Rachel enlists her classmates and Brody for this steamy take on one of Britney’s best known songs. I think she would have done better ripping off a suit to expose a a sheer bodysuit. I mean hey, it worked for Britney.

“Gimme More” sung by Brittany and New Directions. Echoing Spear’s infamous VMA performance, Brittany gets the club into trouble by daring to lip sync and falling all over herself with, bag of Cheetos in hand.

“Everytime” sung by Marley. This weepy ballad closed the show as Marley had to let Jake and everyone know about her feelings. I hope we don’t get more of this. It’s really depressing, mmmkay?

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Those ‘GLEE’ Kids (Especially Lea Michele) Ruin a Completely Perfect David Bowie Song for Fashion’s Night Out



Hey guess what?  I do believe that whiny, cry-singing snip Lea Michele may have just squeaked by Paltrow in my own little “I Loathe That Bitch” competition.

Jaaayzus.   Now they’re on sacred ground.  DAVID BOWIE?  Honestly. Oh, I know it’s for Fashion’s Night Out, which is really just a nice way of saying “SPEND YOUR MONEY ON EXPENSIVE CLOTHING, but we’ll donate 40% of the proceeds from these t-shirts to the NYC AIDS Foundation!”.   Whatever, Anna Wintour.

via FashionsNightOut.com:

Q: What is Fashion’s Night Out?

A: Fashion’s Night Out is an unprecedented global initiative created in 2009 in a partnership between American Vogue, the Council of Fashion Designers of America, NYC & Company, and the City of New York to celebrate fashion, restore consumer confidence, boost the industry’s economy, and put the fun back in shopping.

Q: What are the hours of FNO?

A: The official hours are 6 — 11 P.M. on September 8, 2011. Some FNO participants will be hosting events earlier in the day, so be sure to check with your favorite brands to find out what their big plans are.

Q: Is Fashion’s Night Out only happening in NYC?

A: No! Fashion’s Night Out is a global event. Cities all over the U.S. are invited to participate in Fashion’s Night Out.

Q: Is there an official FNO merchandise collection again this year?

A: Yes! Back by popular demand is the official Fashion’s Night Out merchandise collection featuring some fabulous new pieces. To view the collection, click here.

Oh, and I’m calling “Half-Assery” on the measly contribution to the NYC AIDS Foundation.  A lousy 40% of the proceeds from FASHION’S NIGHT OUT MERCHANDISE, does not a true charity-event make.

Here.  Watch for your GOTdamn selves.

Where’s my assistant with the fire extinguisher for my hair? I just can’t with this. At. All.

Can we just please watch the REAL THING now??


I encourage all of you to actively help out the AIDS charities in your own communities.  Educate yourselves, help others.  You don’t need to SHOP for designer clothing to help folks in need.  The Seattle AIDS Alliance is a perfect example of advocacy and empowerment.

Wow.  Tangent, much?  Alla y’all oughta be used to it by now. Oh, and sorry for all the rage about Lea Michele. (Not really.)

Glee Recap – ‘Prom Queen’

While kids in real life are trying to live down what happened at their crappy Proms, the kids on Glee are making their Junior dance more deep than it really is. Then again, headbands and Tator Tots are deep to them. We only get one appearance from Mr. Schue, who was mysteriously absent from the dance. I was expecting him to jump at the chance to be weird around his students and possibly break out The Worm.  Principal Figgins’s favorite band Air Supply couldn’t make it, so he asks New Directions to perform at Prom. Sue’s not having it, blah blah blah.  I guess Will took the night off to not have to be reminded of his butt chin again.

Mercedes doesn’t have a date, neither does Rachel, so they decided to do a “Prom On A Budget” by asking Sam to go with them and buying dresses at the Goodwill. They give him a bit of a handout, Rachel calls it a “loan,” although he won’t be able to pay it back because he can’t even afford to cut his hair.

Kurt asks Blaine to Prom, who then reveals that as one of the few other out students at his old school he asked another guy to a dance was beat up by other students. Kurt looks up to Blaine as some sort of Elder Gay, even though he is like what, two years older than him? Kurt just wants to go, look fabulous and have fun, so he agrees anyways.

While helping Tina, Brittany, Lauren and Santana with their dress choices, Santana again forces him to let the Bully Whips protect Kurt so she can win sympathy points for the Prom Queen vote. Why has no one, especially Kurt called her out for this? Quinn and Finn just handed out pens (ugh, the rhyming) for votes, but she is blackmailing another student and possibly setting herself and Kurt up for some major bullying.

Puck organizes operation “Punch and Judy” to help his reputation since Lauren wears the pants in their relationship. Artie agrees to help him spike the punch at the dance after Brittany turns him down. Kurt wants to wear a skirt that he made himself to Prom. Finn calls it “Gay Braveheart.” Both Burt and Blaine think that he’s just trying to get attention. Mike O’ Malley has a new show premiering in the Fall for Fox, that will probably be canceled before it has a chance *ahem*, but whatever happens with it I hope it doesn’t interfere with him playing Burt.  (Rumor has it someone dies in a couple weeks on Glee, so get out your hankies.  Just a heads up.) He’s the only voice of reason on this mess.

Jesse St. James returns, for some reason. I didn’t like Jesse, and don’t get the obsession with Jonathan Groff so, moving on.  After escorting him to class, Kurt tries to convince or rather guilt Karofsky to come out. He cries and apologizes to him for being a bully. This proves another person right, Glee is only good for gay men really, if it’s good for anything. St. Kurt is at it again.

At Breadstix, (which by the way the breadsticks at this place don’t look all that great), Jesse reveals why he really flunked out of college: He’s a complete idiot.  I was half expecting him to ask Sam, Mercedes and Rachel to pitch in scratch for some money-making pyramid scheme. Instead, he’s starting a dance studio or something for show choirs. Which means he will be sticking around more.  Oh great.  At the dance he fights with Finn and they get kicked out.  I was hoping this would be win the Carrie moment kicked in and whoever won Queen would have fake blood thrown on them. Missed opportunity there. Instead, Karofsky is voted King, huh, and Kurt wins Queen. Ashamed, shocked, whatever, he runs out to later be comforted by Blaine.

Santana is mad that her date won but she didn’t, and frankly I’m tired of her and Brittany. Just let them be together already. It’s not cute or funny what Santana is doing to her; Artie just called her stupid, going along with Santana is proving that she is indeed stupid.

Quinn slaps Rachel in the bathroom and barely apologizes for it. Rachel is a singer, not a fighter, but I would have slapped the bitch back. Being caught fake spiking the punch, Sue terrorizes Artie into a false confession. This was one of the few funny moments in the episode, mostly for Sue thinking that John McCain was dead.

Returning to receive his crown, Kurt sucks it up and accepts his title as Prom Queen. Why didn’t any of the teachers try to stop this? They know beforehand who’s gotta pack their crap and go home on Idol. So were kids ignoring Kurt that whole week because they knew that he would be humiliated in front of everyone at Prom? I don’t think anyone at McKinley is smart enough to pull that off. But everything is made better in the Glee universe with dancing.

“Rolling In The Deep sung by Rachel and Jesse. If you caught Dancing With The Stars last night you heard Adele sing this, again. I’m so tired of this song but this was a nice version and it worked as a duet. It was basically John Legend’s cover of it, with the background players acting as the backup singers. If you MUST see it again, click HERE.

“Isn’t She Lovely” sung by Artie. Well now that they are officially broken up, I guess Artie is going to go back to not having anything to do. Accompanied by Sam, Puck and Finn, it was a sweet gesture by him to ask Brittany to Prom. Her slightly embarrassed but enjoyment of the attention reaction was kind of cute. Now if she could stop being so stupid.

“Friday” sung by Puck, Artie and Sam. Dear GOD people, stop it. Stop giving this little girl attention and stop it with this song. It was funny when Jimmy Fallon did it but we’ve gone too far. And…why did I enjoy this? Of all the songs for them to do, I don’t know why they picked this one but they’re all goofy enough to actually like Rebecca Black.

“Jar Of Hearts” sung by Rachel. Prom is the perfect opportunity to sing a song about broken hearts or something. I guess Rachel needed a solo this episode, and she takes any chance to make a point through song. The looks her and Finn exchange while she was singing, ugh not this again.

“I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You” sung by Blaine, Tina and Brittany. I thought it was weird of Blaine to ask to “rock out” with New Directions at their Prom. Don’t you sing enough at your school? I’ve warmed up to Blaine so this was enjoyable, as was the shots of the kids dancing. Terribly.

“Dancing Queen” sung by Mercedes and Santana. A song called Dancing Queen at at Prom where the Queen is a gay male is just too much. Too much. Like every closing number on Glee, the kids just forget their troubles and dance. Never mind that she slapped someone and her date got thrown out, Quinn looked ecstatic. ABBA makes everything better though.

Enough ALREADY!!